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MySpace data loss: Botched server migration prompts user concerns over fate of lost songs

By Caroline Donnelly 18 Mar 2019

Social networking forerunner MySpace confirms server migration caused the loss of content uploaded to its site before 2015 Read More

Social networking tools are the new email: Three tips from a CTO

By Niel Nickolaisen 26 Jun 2014

It's past time for CIOs to embrace enterprise social networking tools, says SearchCIO expert Niel Nickolaisen. Seek them out, measure their business value, and don't get discouraged if at first they don't succeed. Read More

Apple and Google simplify BYOD management with new OSes

By Colm Warner 19 Jul 2019

IT must weigh user privacy and endpoint security when it shapes its BYOD policies. Luckily, new features in iOS 13 and Android Q make this balance easier for IT to strike. Read More

How distributed ledger technology can serve megacities of the future

By Christopher Justice 22 Aug 2019

Atlas City's Christopher Justice, explores the challenges of smart city IoT infrastructures, and how new technologies can enable smart cities to dramatically improve life for megacity inhabitants. Read More

New Baldr information stealer could target businesses

By Mekhala Roy 11 Apr 2019

Malwarebytes explains why the rapidly evolving info-stealer Baldr could spell trouble for businesses and consumers, and offers pointers on how to defend against such malware. Read More

Security Think Tank: Key considerations for determining cyber risk

By Petra Wenham 11 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

Social business, collaboration take the enterprise into uncharted waters

10 Dec 2013

Social media has already set sail, and organizations have been trying to keep pace. At first, some barely treaded water, and others were pulled under by social's powerful currents. But the prospects of a land of ... Read More

Most UK consumers say Facebook should be regulated

By Warwick Ashford 27 Feb 2019

Nearly three-quarters of UK consumers feel the social platform is damaging people’s mental health, survey shows Read More

Why EMM is the key to any enterprise mobility strategy

By Jack Madden 01 Aug 2019

Now is the time to start incorporating EMM into enterprise mobility strategies. Here's why EMM is important and how organizations can take advantage of its benefits. Read More

Google+ opens for business with public pages feature

By Warwick Ashford 08 Nov 2011

Google+ has opened a public "pages" feature on its social network for businesses, and has already attracted brands such as Burberry, Save the Children, Mumsnet, the Muppets and O2. Read More