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Top cloud security risks that keep experts up at night

By David Geer 01 May 2019

Hackers are after your assets in the cloud. Here's how they get in and what you can do to plug security holes, starting with minimizing the risks created through human error. Read More

Zuckerberg calls for new internet regulation

By Warwick Ashford 01 Apr 2019

Facebook chief calls for new internet regulation in four key areas to define clear responsibilities for people, companies and governments, including more GDPR-aligned data protection rules Read More

Deep learning pioneer Fei-Fei Li on the fundamentals of ethical AI

By George Lawton 21 May 2019

AI luminary Fei-Fei Li was among a group of distinguished AI researchers asked to share their thoughts on how to develop ethical AI. The right data and careful observation help. Read More

This year's DerbyCon conference will be the last

By Rob Wright 18 Jan 2019

Citing an inability to manage 'negativity, polarization, and disruption' at the conference, DerbyCon organizers unexpectedly announced this year's show will be the last. Read More

Podcast: The Computer Weekly Downtime Upload – Episode 11

By Caroline Donnelly 09 Apr 2019

In this week’s episode of The Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast, the team discuss Google’s forthcoming cloud conference, how tech can be used to boost social inclusion, while data analytics is being hailed ... Read More

Social engineering at the heart of critical infrastructure attack

By Warwick Ashford 13 Dec 2018

Social engineering is the core technique used in a series of cyber attacks targeting government, defence, nuclear, energy and financial organisations around the world, which means people are key to defence Read More

Converged security takes centre stage at IFSEC

By Warwick Ashford 19 Jun 2019

The importance and benefits of combining physical and cyber security was underlined in the opening session of the 2019 IFSEC security conference Read More

Security Think Tank: No one key risk indicator is generic across all businesses

By Simon Persin 12 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

Use cases of RFID in retail

By Morris Qiu 10 May 2019

RFID technology is bringing new opportunities for retailers, says Chainway's Morris Qiu, helping them improve supply chain efficiency, collect and analyze data, and improve customer experience. Read More

Most influential women in UK tech: The 2019 longlist

By Clare McDonald 12 Jul 2019

In its search for the most influential women in UK technology, each year Computer Weekly asks the tech industry to nominate who it thinks should be considered for the top 50. Here is the longlist for 2019 Read More