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Facebook accused of ‘breathtaking arrogance’ over Libra cryptocurrency plan

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 17 Jul 2019

US senators grill Facebook’s David Marcus over social media giant’s plans to launch cryptocurrency Read More

FBI report says BEC attacks are increasing, evolving

By Mekhala Roy 26 Apr 2019

According to the FBI's 2018 Internet Crime Report, business email compromise attacks are on the rise. Security experts highlight how BEC scams are evolving. Read More

Why Facebook’s Libra digital currency could run rings round the regulators

By Tim Worstall 04 Jul 2019

Facebook’s cryptocurrency isn’t really a cryptocurrency, nor is it really a money transfer network, but it’s been formulated in such a way that regulators might not be able to do anything to stop it Read More

Enterprise social software: Should I pay for a vendor-based client?

By Paul McMillan 01 Dec 2011

Should businesses invest in internal, vendor-based enterprise social software or stick with free, public social networking clients? UC expert Paul McMillan weighs in. Read More

IoT and the path to greener, more cost-efficient buildings

By Hugues Meyrath 06 Mar 2019

Energy-efficient buildings are not only good for the environment, they also help companies cut costs and prove corporate social responsibility. ServiceChannel's Hugues Meyrath discusses how IoT can ... Read More

The restructuring of digital markets has begun

By Philip Virgo 29 Jul 2019

Change is accelerating, making attempts to predict the future in order to regulate it ever more impractical - although that does not appear to stop some regulators from trying. Read More

How IT departments can upskill in the new economy

By Cliff Saran 22 Aug 2019

There is a skills crisis. Traditionally, IT has outsourced to fill the skills gap, but in the gig economy, there are new approaches to sourcing technical skills Read More

UK to launch security standard for surveillance cameras

By Warwick Ashford 20 Jun 2019

The UK is launching the world’s first voluntary cyber security standard and compliance certification mark for the manufacturers of surveillance cameras Read More

Hackers target MSPs, but not all are prepared

By John Moore 12 Apr 2019

Managed service provider security is being put to the test as hackers target MSPs with increasing frequency. Even a relatively simple attack can compromise a service provider. Read More

Inside F5’s cyber security playbook

By Aaron Tan 17 Jun 2019

F5 Networks' CISO talks up measures that the application delivery and security specialist is employing to fend off cyber attackers that come knocking on its doors Read More