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Barclays adopts Salesforce to go social

By Jennifer Scott 20 Sep 2012

Head of global CRM at Barclays admits compliance is a big issue when using social networking but claims it has hugely benefited the business Read More

Guide to enterprise social networking governance and compliance

23 Aug 2010

Social networking governance policies should encourage active online participation while mirroring existing business conduct and compliance policies. Read More

AI customer self-service platforms show analytical maturity

By George Lawton 18 Apr 2019

AI-enabled self-service platforms graduate from traditional customer support activities to more sophisticated methods of analyzing data on customer wants, needs and behavior. Read More

Emotet phishing botnet returns from summer vacation

By Alex Scroxton 18 Sep 2019

The Emotet phishing trojan-turned-botnet is back in action after a three-and-a-half month break, say threat researchers Read More

Phishing attacks are top employee data breach threat for HR

By Patrick Thibodeau 17 Jan 2019

HR and finance department employees are targets for more sophisticated phishing attacks. These departments collect and store valuable data that attackers want. Read More

How a flaw in Apple DEP misuses an MDM server

By Michael Cobb 13 Dec 2018

Hackers are able to enroll their devices in an organization's MDM server via a flaw in Apple DEP. Expert Michael Cobb explains how hackers conduct these attacks. Read More

WWW @ 30: Why the Web needs to remain open

By Cliff Saran 06 Mar 2019

While the internet existed way before the Worldwide Web (WWW), the web changed everything. Its success has as much to do with the simplicity of using an HTTP web browser, as the fact that it was ... Read More

Dedicated blockchain accelerator opens doors to first cohort

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 04 Feb 2019

A new accelerator programme, which balances business and wellness, takes seven startups into its first cohort Read More

St John Ambulance praised for response to ransomware attack

By Warwick Ashford 05 Jul 2019

Charity’s response to ransomware attack demonstrates that it is possible to ensure minimal disruption if properly prepared Read More

7 channel marketing strategy tips for 21st-century success

By Heather Clancy 14 Dec 2018

Channel companies need to develop a marketing strategy that goes beyond word of mouth and vendors' programs. Those alone just don't cut it these days. Read More