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Get realistic about your multi-cloud strategy aspirations

By Chris Moyer 12 Jun 2019

Multi-cloud is attractive to software teams that want to expand their development toolboxes, but be careful about the complexity it can add to your overall development lifecycle. Read More

Police local cyber crime units get multimillion pound boost

By Warwick Ashford 12 Apr 2019

UK policing marks the completion of the local phase of a national cyber crime programme to complement regional and national response capabilities Read More

Oracle layoffs underpin its IaaS ambitions

By Chris Kanaracus 25 Mar 2019

Oracle plans further investments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, but to do so it has cut jobs and made plans to hire fresh talent to support its cloud business. Read More

Breaking into cybersecurity careers through nontraditional paths

By Michael Heller 28 Aug 2019

Some DEF CON attendees discussed their nontraditional paths into cybersecurity and how networking and being eager to learn can bridge the gap between experience and job requirements. Read More

Does NHS Digital’s Internet First policy mean the end of HSCN?

By Mike Thomas 05 Jun 2019

Last week, NHS Digital issued new policy guidance on internet usage that, at first glance, appeared to herald the end of HSCN – but is that really the case? Read More

Interview: Matthew Gould, chief executive of NHSX, on transforming health service technology

By Bryan Glick 01 Jul 2019

NHSX is the latest on a long line of organisations created to overhaul NHS technology – can it make the difference this time? Its new CEO explains why it will Read More

Top three internet scams to avoid in 2011

By Jenny Williams 12 Jan 2011

Sophisticated scams developed by cyber-criminals to target smartphones and social networks means businesses must increase awareness of internet scams, according to security firm, Knowthenet.org.uk. Read More

Consumer Google+ dumped in favour of enterprise focus

By Cliff Saran 09 Oct 2018

Google+ will no longer be offered to consumers, following a security audit. Instead, the company plans to flesh out an enterprise social media strategy Read More

Manufacturing social media software: Where it makes sense

By Brenda Cole 10 Mar 2011

While social networking has become a part of daily life for many people, manufacturing organizations have been slow to add social media to their businesses. Read More

Nordic digital transformation driven by traditional businesses

02 Jan 2019

More traditional Nordic businesses are fuelling the region's digital transformation, finds report Read More