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Measures of success in selling IoT applications

By Ken Figueredo 25 Jan 2019

Many IoT proofs of concept and pilot projects fail because they do not meet an investment hurdle. More With Mobile's Ken Figueredo offers tips to selling your IoT application, as well as the idea ... Read More

In-depth: The benefits and pitfalls of social media

07 Nov 2011

Amro Gebreel outlines how you can make social media tools work for your business- as well as some cautionary tales on how not to do networking. Read More

Deep learning pioneer Fei-Fei Li on the fundamentals of ethical AI

By George Lawton 21 May 2019

AI luminary Fei-Fei Li was among a group of distinguished AI researchers asked to share their thoughts on how to develop ethical AI. The right data and careful observation help. Read More

Disaster planning: How to expect the unexpected

By Peter Ray Allison 21 Jun 2019

Focusing too much on specific disasters rather than considering an organisation’s data protection, network security and process requirements, can lead to unpredicted vulnerabilities Read More

Companies analyse social network traffic to target key influencers

By Ian Grant 24 Feb 2011

Some companies are applying business analytics to social network traffic to identify the influencers and decision makers in complex organisations. Read More

Use cases of RFID in retail

By Morris Qiu 10 May 2019

RFID technology is bringing new opportunities for retailers, says Chainway's Morris Qiu, helping them improve supply chain efficiency, collect and analyze data, and improve customer experience. Read More

Tools and methods for testing big data applications

By Gerie Owen 29 Mar 2019

Data is more valuable than gold for businesses, so QA must ensure that they test big data applications and their output thoroughly and accurately. Read More

Cisco Quad offers up enterprise social networking gone mobile

By Rachel Shuster 29 Jul 2011

Enterprise social networking seems like a good strategy to streamline business functions, but will Cisco Quad technology fit in the enterprise? Read More

Cyber crime reporting crucial, say UK police

By Warwick Ashford 28 Jun 2019

UK police are gearing up to make it easier for business to report cyber crime, saying that under-reporting continues to be a challenge Read More

MEPs call for action in wake of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal

By Warwick Ashford 25 Oct 2018

European members of parliament demand action to protect citizens’ privacy from abuses such as those uncovered in the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal Read More