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Facebook Minipack joins other advancements at OCP 2019

By Antone Gonsalves 14 Mar 2019

Facebook launches the power-saving Minipack switching platform, and Arista unveils the 7368X4 for hyperscalers at the OCP 2019 Global Summit. Read More

Gartner urges CIOs to harness power of social networking

By Bill Goodwin 24 Jan 2011

CIOs need to begin exploiting the potential of social networking technology this year, or risk losing the initiative to other parts of the business Read More

Facebook partners with Skype to add video calling to social network infrastructure

By Warwick Ashford 07 Jul 2011

Facebook has partnered with Skype to add a video-calling facility to the social networking site and open another channel of communication for businesses. Read More

Converged security takes centre stage at IFSEC

By Warwick Ashford 19 Jun 2019

The importance and benefits of combining physical and cyber security was underlined in the opening session of the 2019 IFSEC security conference Read More

O2 powers customer-centric network with Nokia AI

By Alex Scroxton 15 Jan 2019

Mobile operator O2 claims Nokia’s AI-driven Service Operation Center platform will help it anticipate its customers’ problems before they know they have problems Read More

Inside 'Master134': Ad networks' 'blind eye' threatens enterprises

By Rob Wright 30 Apr 2019

Online ad networks linked to the Master134 malvertising campaign and other malicious activity often evade serious fallout and continue to operate unabated. Read More

Four things you should know about the 5G game in Asia-Pacific

By Aaron Tan 17 Apr 2019

This is a guest post by Simon Lockington, director of global solutions enablement at Equinix Asia-Pacific Industry watchers are predicting that 4G LTE subscribers in Asia-Pacific will naturally ... Read More

Social media needs a social security strategy

By Ash Patel 29 Jan 2010

There are plenty of stories about companies using social networking, micro-blogging and online collaborative services to generate business leads, build sales...

Read More

Women in code series: Joan Touzet

By Adrian Bridgwater 08 Jul 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network and Open Source Insider team want to talk code and coding. But more than that, we want to talk coding across the diversity spectrum… so let’s get the tough ... Read More

Huawei reports record numbers despite tumultuous year

By Alex Scroxton 02 Apr 2019

Huawei has become one of the world’s largest technology companies by revenue, suggesting the accusations over its ties to the Chinese government are failing to have much impact Read More