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4 steps to create a digital marketing strategy

06 Jun 2019

This four-step approach will help organizations build a digital marketing strategy designed to increase their online presence and attract new customers. Read More

The changing face of enterprise collaboration

By Christian Annesley 01 Jul 2019

Enterprises are turning to social platforms to optimise communication among their workforces. Computer Weekly looks at some examples Read More

Cyber criminals targeting C-suite, DBIR shows

By Warwick Ashford 08 May 2019

Executives and cloud-based services are gaining popularity as targets for cyber criminals, according to the latest data breach investigations report Read More

Access social networking functionalities with DaliCore

17 Oct 2013

Don't duplicate data. Use it. Learn how LodgON makes it possible to access social networking functions for business projects. Read More

Firms face targeted bespoke cyber attacks, dark web study reveals

By Warwick Ashford 06 Jun 2019

Academic study exposes prolific availability and demand for tailored malware, network access and corporate espionage services, which suggests many firms’ cyber defences are below standard Read More

Cyber criminals earn $3bn a year exploiting social platforms

By Warwick Ashford 26 Feb 2019

Businesses urged to respond to research findings that the ready availability of hacking tools, wildfire spread of malware and proliferation of cryptocurrency mining has seen a 300-fold increase in social ... Read More

Battling misinformation focus of Facebook, Twitter execs' talk

By Antone Gonsalves 08 Mar 2019

Facebook and Twitter executives say finding a pattern of malicious activity is more effective in identifying bad actors on sites than looking at the misleading information itself. Read More

Social network analysis and business intelligence

18 Jul 2006

Business intelligence must be transmitted, communicated and shared in order to be useful and actionable. Read More

Facebook’s privacy game – how Zuckerberg backtracked on promises to protect personal data

01 Jul 2019

Facebook promised its users privacy then quietly abandoned its promises in pursuit of profits. Now it faces antitrust regulation Read More

Social networking can offer business benefit, says study

By Mark Watts 29 Oct 2008

Staff who use social networking sites during work hours should not be dismissed as time-wasters, according to think-tank Demos .... Read More