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How IT pros are building resilience against email security threats

19 Jul 2019

For most people, emails are an easy and harmless way to communicate in the workplace, but they could also be a security disaster waiting to happen Read More

When cars own the road: The future of IoT and connected vehicles

06 Sep 2019

As it stands now, automakers have an opportunity to save money and build new revenue streams by pulling vast troves of data from connected vehicles through Message Queuing Telemetry Transport and ... Read More

6 types of insider threats and how to prevent them

17 Sep 2019

Compromised, negligent and malicious employees put enterprises at risk. Here are six problems they pose and the insider threat prevention strategies to protect your enterprise. Read More

Innovation drives Nominet to cyber security

14 Jun 2019

Embracing an innovation strategy for a mature organisation led domain name registry Nominet to found a cyber security business based on its core expertise, its CEO tells London Tech Week Read More

Essential virtualization certifications for IT professionals

18 Jul 2019

As companies move beyond virtualization, the need for IT pros with fine-tuned expertise in cloud administration, ethical hacking, legacy infrastructure migration and automation rises. Read More

Public cloud market set to double in four years

19 Sep 2019

IT departments are accepting that the cloud offers a better way to provision enterprise IT, but CIOs need to beware of lock-ins Read More

Understanding the components of team collaboration tools

11 Sep 2019

Refresh your knowledge of which team collaboration components are essential to team workflows and what IT leaders should keep top of mind to prevent potential problems. Read More

Breaking down the parts of a CPaaS platform

05 Aug 2019

Cloud-delivered communications are the backbone of many organizations. Review the key terms around CPaaS platform features and development tools with this glossary. Read More

Culture secretary Wright hails Tech Nation AI growth programme at CogX

12 Jun 2019

Jeremy Wright, DCMS secretary of state, urges artificial intelligence tech firm founders to step forward for Tech Nation’s Applied AI growth programme, while McKinsey offers qualified endorsement of UK AI optimism Read More

Big tech chiefs boycott parliamentarians investigating citizens’ privacy

05 Jun 2019

An International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy considers whether failure to protect citizens’ privacy constitutes grounds for anti-trust regulation against Facebook and other big tech companies Read More