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Telefónica reveals global restructuring plan

28 Nov 2019

Global telco to undergo wholesale changes to prioritise markets where it says it can be relevant and grow sustainably in the long term Read More

Instagram and WhatsApp – the new tools of social media propaganda

26 Sep 2019

Facebook and Twitter have been cast as the villains of the piece, but social media disinformation and propaganda are evolving in new and alarming directions, say Oxford University researchers Read More

Penetration testing vs. red team: What's the difference?

26 Sep 2019

Is penetration testing the same as red team engagement? There are similarities, but they're not the same. Understand the differences to improve your organization's cyberdefenses. Read More

How can you prevent a cloud data breach in your AWS environment?

29 Oct 2019

Get a cloud expert's take on the technical factors involved in the Capital One data breach that exposed sensitive data of millions of the bank's customers. Read More

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

04 Nov 2019

Another busy few days in the IT world with some more appointments being made across the industry Read More

Customer experience driving collaboration investments

14 Nov 2019

Improving customer experience is one of the main factors behind the decision by users to invest in unified comms and collaboration tools Read More

How big tech breakup would affect the tech industry

16 Sep 2019

Breaking up the tech giants would be difficult and might create initial chaos in market, help smaller competitors and potentially raise prices for enterprises. Read More

Modern workspaces balance business and employee needs

16 Oct 2019

In this roundup of UC blogs, analysts discuss the trends driving modern workspaces, how 5G could support augmented reality in the enterprise and the future of CPaaS. Read More

Impact of HR automation shows up in data and surveys

06 Nov 2019

Recruiters are taking on more strategic roles, thanks in part to automation tools. But HR departments are facing another trend: declining budgets. Read More

Regulators globally are shaping up to rein in Facebook

11 Sep 2019

We need to move fast and fix Facebook, before it breaks us Read More