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New Baldr information stealer could target businesses

11 Apr 2019

Malwarebytes explains why the rapidly evolving info-stealer Baldr could spell trouble for businesses and consumers, and offers pointers on how to defend against such malware. Read More

Why EMM is the key to any enterprise mobility strategy

01 Aug 2019

Now is the time to start incorporating EMM into enterprise mobility strategies. Here's why EMM is important and how organizations can take advantage of its benefits. Read More

Security Think Tank: Key considerations for determining cyber risk

11 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

Facebook officially unveils cryptocurrency plans

20 Jun 2019

Facebook has released details about its Libra cryptocurrency, but questions still remain over how, and if, it will work Read More

3 GAN use cases that showcase their positive potential

20 Aug 2019

GANs' ability to create realistic images and deepfakes have caused industry concern. But, if you dig beyond fear, GANs have practical applications that are overwhelmingly good. Read More

Most UK consumers say Facebook should be regulated

27 Feb 2019

Nearly three-quarters of UK consumers feel the social platform is damaging people’s mental health, survey shows Read More

IoT is fuel for the fourth Industrial Revolution

17 Jul 2019

The fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. PwC's Mohamed Kande explains what this means for organizations and discusses strategies to solve business problems and create new opportunities. Read More

Compare pros and cons of live chat vs. phone support

22 May 2019

Customer experience is king, but it's up to businesses to decide what contact channels to use to deliver it. See how phone support and live chat stack up against each other. Read More

How collaborative technology can drive small business success

08 Apr 2013

In this video Q&A, a Gartner analyst discusses how collaboration technology, social networking and crowdsourcing can guide small business success. Read More

The social networking revolution will go only as far as the people

06 Sep 2012

The social networking revolution is upon us, but will it change business for the better? It will go only as far as the people participating in it. Read More