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Scots urge councils to embrace smart city technologies

04 Dec 2019

Survey of Scottish citizens indicates a number of benefits that local communities can gain from IoT and other connected technologies Read More

The advantages of video calling drive business competition

19 Nov 2019

Established companies can have a hard time competing with younger cloud-native competitors. But the advantages of video calling can level the playing field. Read More

The rise of 5G, entertainment in cars and increased focus on privacy

10 Jan 2020

This is a guest post by Srinivasan CR, chief digital officer, Tata Communications No matter how much technology keeps evolving, making predictions about the future is always a risky business. But ... Read More

How to fix the top 5 cybersecurity vulnerabilities

28 Jun 2019

Check out the top five cybersecurity vulnerabilities and find out how to prevent data loss or exposure, whether the problem is end-user gullibility, inadequate network monitoring or poor endpoint security defenses. Read More

How Darktrace is riding the AI boom

03 Jan 2020

Cyber security firm known for its artificial intelligence smarts doubled its headcount across Asia-Pacific last year in key markets including Australia and South Korea Read More

How to build the perfect tech team despite talent shortages

20 Feb 2020

The technology skills gap is growing worldwide, despite digital skills being as important as ever. So how can IT leaders develop the perfect tech team in the current talent environment? Read More

Cyber criminals earn $3bn a year exploiting social platforms

26 Feb 2019

Businesses urged to respond to research findings that the ready availability of hacking tools, wildfire spread of malware and proliferation of cryptocurrency mining has seen a 300-fold increase in social ... Read More

Content management systems play role in digital transformation efforts

26 Nov 2019

Companies can stoke their digital growth by the use of content management systems, making digital transformation more than just a boring cliché Read More

4 steps to create a digital marketing strategy

06 Jun 2019

This four-step approach will help organizations build a digital marketing strategy designed to increase their online presence and attract new customers. Read More

Social networking tools are the new email: Three tips from a CTO

26 Jun 2014

It's past time for CIOs to embrace enterprise social networking tools, says SearchCIO expert Niel Nickolaisen. Seek them out, measure their business value, and don't get discouraged if at first they don't succeed. Read More