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Varied options to solving the cybersecurity skills shortage

29 Aug 2019

There are no easy answers for the cybersecurity skills shortage facing the industry, other than working harder to diversify and expand the workforce, according to ESG's Jon Oltsik. Read More

IoT is fuel for the fourth Industrial Revolution

17 Jul 2019

The fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. PwC's Mohamed Kande explains what this means for organizations and discusses strategies to solve business problems and create new opportunities. Read More

Survey: Financial pros not following FINRA guidance for social media

22 Jun 2010

Financial advisors are using social networking for business but report a lack of policies, archiving, study shows. Read More

Sextortion accounts for one in 10 spear-phishing emails

28 Feb 2019

Email sextortion scams have increased in frequency and scope in the past four months, as well as evolving to bypass spam filters and trick recipients into reading the messages, research shows Read More

3 GAN use cases that showcase their positive potential

20 Aug 2019

GANs' ability to create realistic images and deepfakes have caused industry concern. But, if you dig beyond fear, GANs have practical applications that are overwhelmingly good. Read More

8 ways to protect building management systems

21 Mar 2019

Security threats to building management systems can come from numerous sources. Expert Ernie Hayden outlines these potential threats and how to protect against them. Read More

Cyber criminals increase use of fileless attacks

30 Apr 2019

Fileless attacks are increasingly popular with cyber criminals, while Russia and China top the league of nation state data exfiltrators, threat data shows Read More

7 features of CX management tools to consider

12 Apr 2019

Using CEM tools can help companies monitor, improve and manage the customer experience. Read on to learn what to look for when choosing CEM tools. Read More

Social media policy: Seven questions to ask

10 Feb 2011

Businesses must create a social media policy to guide employees using social networks and micro-blogging sites, according to Gartner. Read More

Consumer behavior analytics makes the unpredictable predictable

15 Jul 2019

With AI's arsenal of machine learning, deep learning and NLP, consumer analytics can take some of the unpredictability out of predicting buying patterns and up conversion rates. Read More