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CPaaS vendors can't ignore email in an omnichannel strategy

31 Oct 2019

CPaaS vendors are expanding their omnichannel communications strategy beyond voice and SMS. Email APIs can create tighter integrations with business workflows. Read More

Social Networking for Business

31 Oct 2007

Social Business Network - is this the technological equivalent of 'fusion' cuisine Read More

Business and social network apps belong together: Will they ever meet?

19 Jun 2013

Social and business apps need to merge. But does anyone know how that's going to happen? Read More

More businesses block social networking sites

17 Sep 2009

More businesses are blocking social networking sites for security reasons than three years ago, an IDC security conference in London has heard.


Read More

Social networking for business pros

08 Jan 2008

Social networking sites have created a venue for socialising, but is this venue a good locale for business users to network and generate new business leads? Read More

Social networking for business pros

07 Jan 2008

Social networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, Connexion, Twitter, Facebook and the like have created a new venue for the social scene, but is this venue a good locale for business users to network and ... Read More

LinkedIn could get UC features following Microsoft acquisition

17 Jun 2016

Analysts believe Microsoft will integrate UC features from Skype for Business into LinkedIn, opening up communications between users of the professional social network. Read More

Google+ users hit by spam glitch as social network announces business feature

11 Jul 2011

Early adopters of Google+ have been hit by an avalanche of e-mail notifications, due to a glitch in the system. News of the accidental spamming came as Google revealed it is working on a business-focused feature ... Read More

Business moving in on social networking: SocialText

20 Mar 2009

While flying NWA recently, as recently as January, I picked up their WorldTraveler magazine expecting to find the usual travel fodder about exotic vacation spots, spa treatments and where to find ... Read More

Facebook undermined rivals in bid to dominate global messaging

26 Nov 2019

Facebook used buyouts and bullying tactics towards competitors to grow its business empire, documents leaked to Computer Weekly reveal Read More