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HPE opens Geneva IoT innovation lab to capitalise on edge data

18 Jan 2019

Datacentre equipment provider sees an opportunity on the edge to provide data processing for the internet of things Read More

Cisco's People Insights raises questions about accuracy, privacy

14 Jun 2019

Cisco's People Insights is coming to Webex Teams and Jabber this summer. The vendor's embrace of the product comes as the tech industry is under fire over data privacy. Read More

MPs to probe UK’s growing e-waste problem

27 Jun 2019

The parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into electronic waste and the circular economy Read More

Government pumps more funding into NHS ‘test beds’ programme

23 Oct 2018

Seven new “test beds” will receive £7m to trial a range of technologies to improve patient care in the second wave of the NHS Test Beds Programme Read More

Facebook security policy and practices unfit, say infosec pros

22 Mar 2019

Confidence in Facebook’s ability to keep users’ data safe has once again been shaken by revelations of poor password protection practices, prompting calls for a security review Read More

Meet the women on the Software Powerlist

22 May 2019

The Makers Academy coding bootcamp recently put together a list of 30 women in the software industry to showcase the sector’s female talent. Out of the many women who were put forward for ... Read More

Security firm Sophos calls on Facebook to implement safety plan

18 Apr 2011

Security firm Sophos has called on social networking business Facebook to implement a three-point plan to address top security issues. Read More

How to address endpoint security issues caused by users

12 Dec 2018

Certain behaviors, such as ignoring patches, create security issues on the endpoints users work with. IT should enforce policies that prevent users from taking these damaging actions. Read More

MWC 2019: Our planet is dying - is it time to ditch Mobile World Congress?

28 Feb 2019

This year, my flight from London's Stansted Airport to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, plus two days of hour-and-a-half commutes through horrendous traffic between my hotel and the conference ... Read More

Fintech Interview: Part 12 Eucaps

25 Jan 2019

Swedish fintech Eucaps is about to launch as the Spotify of the share trading sector Read More