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MWC 2019: Our planet is dying - is it time to ditch Mobile World Congress?

28 Feb 2019

This year, my flight from London's Stansted Airport to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, plus two days of hour-and-a-half commutes through horrendous traffic between my hotel and the conference ... Read More

Fintech Interview: Part 12 Eucaps

25 Jan 2019

Swedish fintech Eucaps is about to launch as the Spotify of the share trading sector Read More

Younger employees 'main culprits' for security breaches

21 Jun 2018

UK senior decision makers believe younger workers are the biggest risk to cyber security, but are doing little to support them and reduce that risk, a report reveals Read More

Companies neglect security considerations in rush to adopt cloud and social networking

01 Nov 2011

Businesses are neglecting their ability to defend against cyber threats as they rush to adopt new technologies to enable social networking and cloud computing, a study shows. Read More

US may cut off countries that use Huawei in 5G networks

22 Feb 2019

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has said America may scale back or cut military and diplomatic ties with countries that use Huawei equipment in national 5G networks Read More

VARs tweet, meet up to drive business

02 Jun 2009

More small businesses, and the VARs serving them, use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking tools to drive business. Read More

How did the Emotet banking Trojan lead to a rise in attacks?

28 Nov 2018

A report on cybercrime shows a rise in banking Trojans, such as Emotet, targeting businesses over consumers. Malwarebytes' Adam Kujawa shares his thoughts on what's behind this shift. Read More

Government geospatial data competition announces winning projects

09 Apr 2019

The 10 projects will be completed by March 2020, and will explore how geospatial data can be unlocked for the benefit of public services Read More

Data protection: How privacy can be a benefit, not a burden

09 Jul 2019

With the growing number of data breaches, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their data is used. Organisations can take advantage of this trend by treating data protection and user privacy as ... Read More

Microsoft adds recruitment technology, social tools with LinkedIn buy

14 Jun 2016

With its agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, Microsoft could become a new force in HR technology in the areas of training, employee data and performance. Read More