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4 steps to a blockchain implementation

06 Aug 2019

If you're not experimenting with blockchain, you're behind the curve. Our step-by-step guide on implementing blockchain dissects the challenges, best practices and payoffs. Read More

The social mind: Understanding five basic human needs boosts business success

01 Jun 2010

With even a cursory understanding of the brain's social structure, business leaders can improve employee satisfaction levels and performance and pick the right social networking tools to create an entrepreneurial, ... Read More

Security Think Tank: Five elements of a key cyber risk indicator

08 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

Siemens connects to world’s largest UCC deployment

18 Jan 2019

German technology powerhouse Siemens AG reveals how it unified communications and collaboration for hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide Read More

Firms urged to protect against spear phishing

19 Mar 2019

Spear phishing attacks are sophisticated, targeted, costly and increasing in popularity among cyber attackers, a report warns Read More

Key customer identity access management features to consider

11 Jan 2019

Evaluating customer identity access management products is complicated but necessary. Learn what’s new and what you need most right now. Read More

Why improving social media customer service is important

06 Mar 2018

By having a social media strategy in place, companies can quickly respond to customers' concerns through social media. Read More

How can IoT and AI transform sports?

03 May 2019

Combining AI and IoT can have a tremendous impact on the sports industry, from the players to the fans to the stadiums sports are played in. OIES Consulting's Francisco Maroto discusses the ... Read More

Compare trunk-based development to feature-based approaches

12 Mar 2019

The repo-centric trunk-based development model can be a good fit for teams adept enough to maintain a codebase. But it means taking the road less traveled. Read More

VeloCloud acquisition gives VMware SD-WAN market traction

27 Dec 2018

VeloCloud SD-WAN is emerging as one of the industry's more popular products. Though the company still has work to do, the future looks bright for VMware. Read More