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Video: Salesforce.com runs beta of Chatter collaboration

17 Feb 2010

A select few businesses have been trialling the beta of Salesforce.com's Chatter application, which links enterprise collaboration with cloud computing and social networking. Read More

Scale-out NAS hits the spot for large datasets, AI and machine learning

03 Sep 2019

Despite the rise of cloud and object storage, scale-out NAS is a key choice for the big datasets increasingly prevalent in artificial intelligence and machine learning scenarios Read More

Which tools should we use for marketing automation for SMBs?

30 Nov 2017

Small and medium-sized businesses looking to implement marketing automation should start with email, social media and internal communications tools, according to expert Matt James. Read More

VeloCloud acquisition gives VMware SD-WAN market traction

27 Dec 2018

VeloCloud SD-WAN is emerging as one of the industry's more popular products. Though the company still has work to do, the future looks bright for VMware. Read More

CISOs take measured steps to reduce social media risks

08 Feb 2010

With sales and marketing teams using social networks to connect with clients and potential customers, CISOs need to meet business needs while addressing risks. Read More

Compare trunk-based development to feature-based approaches

12 Mar 2019

The repo-centric trunk-based development model can be a good fit for teams adept enough to maintain a codebase. But it means taking the road less traveled. Read More

Using social media and networking to spy on, er, understand employees

09 Mar 2011

Businesses so know they need to track what customers are saying about them on social media and networking sites. Tracking customer sentiment online can contain, if not prevent, the damage inflicted ... Read More

Security in Network Functions Virtualization

19 Jul 2018

In this excerpt of chapter 4 of Security in Network Functions Virtualization, authors Zonghua Zhang and Ahmed Meddahi discuss Identity and Access Management in NFV. Read More

Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Big Data infrastructure

03 Jun 2013

In this 10-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the mindset and technology businesses need to analyse various forms of data, the low-cost solid state memory powering datastreams from social network feeds ... Read More

How can IoT and AI transform sports?

03 May 2019

Combining AI and IoT can have a tremendous impact on the sports industry, from the players to the fans to the stadiums sports are played in. OIES Consulting's Francisco Maroto discusses the ... Read More