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Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Big Data infrastructure

03 Jun 2013

In this 10-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the mindset and technology businesses need to analyse various forms of data, the low-cost solid state memory powering datastreams from social network feeds ... Read More

Global SMB IT spend on the rise, reports Spiceworks

08 May 2012

According to the State of SMB IT survey results released today by Spiceworks, the social business network, SMBs are continuing to expand IT budgets, which now average £94,000 ($152,000) per year, writes Linda... Read More

ICO could use new GDPR powers in Facebook probe

21 May 2018

UK privacy watchdog is considering using new powers in its investigation of Facebook, while the government is considering new laws to police social media firms Read More

Threats of AI include malicious use against enterprises

17 May 2018

As sophisticated tools become easier to use, enterprises need to protect themselves against AI threats to ensure they do not become the victims of malicious attacks. Read More

AWS CEO Andy Jassy confirms Oracle data warehouse switch-off at Amazon

12 Nov 2018

Months after Oracle CTO Larry Ellison cited Amazon's use of its database tech as proof of its superiority, AWS CEO confirms its parent company is now migrating off it Read More

Get more proactive on cyber security, says ex Europol chief

01 May 2019

Business needs to get more proactive, collaborative, resilient and analytical to manage cyber risks posed by cyber criminals down to acceptable levels, says former Europol chief Read More

Billions missing out on digital society as internet use soars

27 Nov 2018

As global internet usage continues to soar, billions of people around the world are missing out on the potential benefits of getting online, according to Cisco Read More

Quicke? No that's not me.

18 Aug 2010

I'm busy collecting the deed poll details just in case any of my social networking activity embarrasses me so much I have to resort to changing my identity. Read More

Shopper privacy critical when using new Cisco DNA Spaces

16 Jan 2019

Software like the new Cisco DNA Spaces can help retailers improve their merchandising and supply chains. But the first priority should be protecting shopper privacy, an expert says. Read More

Facebook stock price falls on slowing growth forecast

26 Jul 2018

Facebook’s stock price has fallen dramatically in response to a forecast of slower revenue growth in 2018 and lower-than-expected user growth for the second quarter Read More