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What key features do today's leading social CRM tools offer?

11 Jan 2018

Before purchasing social CRM software, learn the important tools and services you should be looking for and which of today's leading vendors offer them. Read More

Cryptominers plateau while backdoors shoot up

17 Jul 2018

Illicit cryptocurrency mining appears to be slowing down, but backdoors increased rapidly in the second quarter of the year, a report warns Read More

LinkedIn gets cash for new enterprise social networking service

23 Oct 2008

Business social networking site LinkedIn has secured £13.5m in funding from strategic investors. Read More

How IoT and 5G are enabling the fourth Industrial Revolution

07 Dec 2018

The fifth generation of mobile networks is all about connecting things and unlocking the benefits of IoT. Key to this, says Openwave Mobility's Aman Brar, 5G will serve as an enabler for the fourth ... Read More

Software firm Clevermed enhances NHS user experience on Health and Social Care Network

04 Jul 2018

Clevermed, a supplier of maternity and neonatal care record software to the NHS, reveals how users are benefiting after it switched to the new Health and Social Care Network Read More

How to address the challenges of adopting AI in communications

17 Apr 2019

Adopting AI can be a complex process. AI in communications can be especially challenging, but organizations can take certain steps to overcome these hurdles. Read More

Social media recruiting tips for winning the war for talent

30 Oct 2017

Using social media for recruitment requires much more than posting job announcements on LinkedIn -- especially in a tight labor market. Here are five tips to set you on the right path. Read More

Social networks must improve security controls, says Gartner

25 Sep 2008

Social network providers should enhance security controls available to users and businesses, says analyst firm Gartner. Read More

Exactis leak exposes database with 340 million records

29 Jun 2018

Experts said the Exactis leak needs to be treated as a learning moment for defining identity online after the marketing firm exposed data on 230 million adults and 110 million businesses. Read More

How to develop a mobile incident response plan

03 Oct 2018

Mobile devices are often overlooked when it comes to an incident response plan, but they shouldn't be. Here's how to integrate mobile devices into an essential security system. Read More