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Social engineering a factor in virtually all cyber attacks, report claims

09 Sep 2019

Almost every single cyber attack will, at some stage, require a human to be tricked into doing something, according to research by Proofpoint Read More

How Facebook’s ‘Switcheroo’ plan concealed scheme to kill popular apps

06 Nov 2019

Leaked documents reveal how Facebook used and abused app developers, cut off data to competitors, gave privileged access to its friends and used privacy as a cover story Read More

5 SharePoint problems that spur customers to leave the platform

26 Aug 2019

SharePoint is a popular content management and collaboration platform across businesses; however, there are drawbacks that leave some companies looking for a new system. Read More

What tomorrow’s startups can learn from young people’s attitudes to tech

03 Sep 2019

Nominet CEO Russell Haworth runs through young people's attitude towards tech and how start-ups can learn from them Read More

Research explores economic benefits of full-fibre and 5G at local level

16 Sep 2019

The Broadband Stakeholders Group (BSG) has published research by Oxera to help local authorities understand the benefits of full-fibre and 5G Read More

Mitigating social engineering attacks with MFA

28 Aug 2019

The growing frequency of social engineering attacks highlights the increasing need for organisations to take steps to mitigate the effects of phishing Read More

Access social networking functionalities with DaliCore

17 Oct 2013

Don't duplicate data. Use it. Learn how LodgON makes it possible to access social networking functions for business projects. Read More

Workplace by Facebook enhances video calling, hits 3M paid users

09 Oct 2019

Facebook will soon integrate Workplace by FB with its Portal video calling devices. Read More

Social network analysis and business intelligence

18 Jul 2006

Business intelligence must be transmitted, communicated and shared in order to be useful and actionable. Read More

LivePerson Inc. adds new capabilities to Maven AI

19 Aug 2019

Maven AI's updates are aimed at enabling new conversational commerce use cases. The new capabilities include Maven Assist, Maven AI-Powered Routing and Maven Developer APIs. Read More