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Workplace by Facebook partners evolve as demand grows

21 Aug 2019

The Workplace by Facebook partner ecosystem has expanded to include more channel partners, as well as technology providers covering everything from analytics to security. Read More

How to prevent social networking from damaging business

26 Feb 2008

After the turmoil generated by the seemingly endless stream of data loss scandals at the end of last year, organisations have become generally more sensitised to the issue of data leakage. Read More

Dutch regulator reveals potential Microsoft privacy breach

29 Aug 2019

Netherlands privacy watchdog has revealed potential breaches while testing Microsoft software changes Read More

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report warns business of social network phishing attacks

12 May 2011

Business should be concerned about an increase of more than 1,000% in phishing activity using social networking as a lure in 2010, says Microsoft Read More

Social media data analysis spans a spectrum of business uses

26 Sep 2014

Different facets of the social media analytics process offer different types of information to businesses looking to monitor social networks and analyze their own social media strategies. Read More

TIN coalition calls for industry action against cyber fraud

28 Jun 2019

An industry group aimed at improving cyber security by tackling enduring challenges has called for collaboration in the fight against cyber fraud Read More

Free tool reveals the true cost of ‘free’ online services

18 Jul 2019

New data discovery portal developed by Finnish security firm F-Secure helps to uncover what Facebook, Amazon, Google and other tech giants know about consumers Read More

Developing a social media presence starts with the right platform

05 Aug 2015

Picking the best social network for your business requires careful planning and knowledge of customer preferences, but doing it right can help expand your company's social media presence in major ways. Read More

Firms not realising business potential of social networking

15 Jul 2008

Leading analyst belives that social networking will become increasingly important to the competitiveness of large enterprises Read More

How big tech breakup would affect the tech industry

16 Sep 2019

Breaking up the tech giants would be difficult and might create initial chaos in market, help smaller competitors and potentially raise prices for enterprises. Read More