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IBM will add social networking tools for business

22 Jan 2007

If you like MySpace, you may have some interest in what Lotus has on tap for corporate customers. Read More

MuleSoft takes the donkey work out of API lifecycle management

31 May 2019

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become one of the new darlings of the cloud computing-centric world of interconnected, interlaced, interlocked technologies that we use today. As the ... Read More

Business potential of social networking sites remains untapped, says Gartner

10 Jul 2008

The business potential of social networking sites remains largely untapped, says analyst Gartner . Most users of social... Read More

Security Think Tank: Top infosec task is getting on board agenda

17 Jun 2019

How can security professionals communicate effectively with the board and senior business leaders – what works and what doesn’t? Read More

Many firms unaware of data exfiltration threat

12 Mar 2019

Many firms are unaware that they are being targeted by cyber espionage and that data is being exfiltrated from their networks by overseas adversaries, a security firm warns Read More

Mott MacDonald builds smart cities on Azure cloud

12 Apr 2019

The Microsoft cloud will be used to run digital twins of city infrastructure to help city planners manage infrastructure more effectively Read More

Business use of social networking demands clear internet-use policies

20 Jun 2008

Companies are increasingly coming to rely on social... Read More

FAQ: What are the SEC social media rules for information disclosure?

28 Jun 2013

Under new SEC social media rules, companies can post business information on social networks. But does the policy create more questions than answers? Read More

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage resolved, but questions remain over what caused it

04 Jul 2019

Facebook confirms that technical difficulties blighted its applications and services for several hours on 3 July 2019 Read More

Buying social software won't give you a social networking strategy

20 Feb 2013

Enterprise social software spending is increasing, but business needs a social networking strategy to ensure employees use the technology. Read More