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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile devices in business

23 Sep 2019

Mobile devices have become a steady presence in today's workplace. Learn about mobile devices in businesses and how they can help employees work more efficiently. Read More

Solve real-world challenges with IoT for smart cities

15 Oct 2019

IoT devices can improve the quality of life for citizens of smart cities in many ways, whether the devices save lives, manage noise pollution or decrease response time to natural disasters. Read More

MySpace data loss: Botched server migration prompts user concerns over fate of lost songs

18 Mar 2019

Social networking forerunner MySpace confirms server migration caused the loss of content uploaded to its site before 2015 Read More

Security Think Tank: Key considerations for determining cyber risk

11 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

Guide to enterprise social networking governance and compliance

23 Aug 2010

Social networking governance policies should encourage active online participation while mirroring existing business conduct and compliance policies. Read More

Barclays adopts Salesforce to go social

20 Sep 2012

Head of global CRM at Barclays admits compliance is a big issue when using social networking but claims it has hugely benefited the business Read More

New Baldr information stealer could target businesses

11 Apr 2019

Malwarebytes explains why the rapidly evolving info-stealer Baldr could spell trouble for businesses and consumers, and offers pointers on how to defend against such malware. Read More

Dutch banks to work together in fight against money laundering

13 Sep 2019

Dutch banks are sharing expertise and resources to help reduce money laundering through their accounts Read More

Boosting the UK’s digital infrastructure so it is fit for the future

23 Jul 2019

Extending full-fibre broadband and mobile network coverage are critical issues for a healthy UK economy – and a new prime minister must continue progress Read More

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage resolved, but questions remain over what caused it

04 Jul 2019

Facebook confirms that technical difficulties blighted its applications and services for several hours on 3 July 2019 Read More