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5 reasons CIO career paths go south -- and how to protect yourself

12 Mar 2019

Safeguard your CIO career path. Agiloft CEO Colin Earl details the top five reasons CIOs get the ax -- and how to avoid them. Read More

Who is serious about On-line Harms?

28 Jun 2019

1) DCMS kicks the can down the road - again The deadline for submissions to the DCMS consultation on On Line Harms  is July 1st. The NAO report politely savaging the UK failure to join up its ... Read More

MuleSoft takes the donkey work out of API lifecycle management

31 May 2019

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become one of the new darlings of the cloud computing-centric world of interconnected, interlaced, interlocked technologies that we use today. As the ... Read More

Defra sustainable ICT paper highlights datacentre water crisis

25 Oct 2019

A new paper on sustainable ICT published by Defra in conjunction with the IT industry has identified the areas of e-waste that need urgent attention Read More

6 types of insider threats and how to prevent them

17 Sep 2019

Compromised, negligent and malicious employees put enterprises at risk. Here are six problems they pose and the insider threat prevention strategies to protect your enterprise. Read More

Building enterprise-grade AI: Sberbank and AI Telekom

10 Dec 2019

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are growing beyond adolescence to prove business value. Practical applications at Sberbank and AI Telekom suggest getting machine learning data in one place, where data ... Read More

Understanding the components of team collaboration tools

11 Sep 2019

Refresh your knowledge of which team collaboration components are essential to team workflows and what IT leaders should keep top of mind to prevent potential problems. Read More

ICO selects first innovation Sandbox participants

29 Jul 2019

UK privacy watchdog has chosen the first firms to take part in its Sandbox programme aimed at developing innovative and beneficial products and services that are privacy compliant Read More

Top three internet scams to avoid in 2011

12 Jan 2011

Sophisticated scams developed by cyber-criminals to target smartphones and social networks means businesses must increase awareness of internet scams, according to security firm, Knowthenet.org.uk. Read More

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn commits to multi-year, all-in move to Azure public cloud

25 Jul 2019

Professional social networking site reveals plans to move all its workloads to the Microsoft public cloud over the next few years Read More