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Small customer data platforms fend off big tech with service, features

07 Nov 2019

With Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe releasing customer data platforms, to be followed by Salesforce and SAP, small CDPs defend their turf with more features, better service and pricing Read More

Hackers target MSPs, but not all are prepared

12 Apr 2019

Managed service provider security is being put to the test as hackers target MSPs with increasing frequency. Even a relatively simple attack can compromise a service provider. Read More

Why Facebook’s Libra digital currency could run rings round the regulators

04 Jul 2019

Facebook’s cryptocurrency isn’t really a cryptocurrency, nor is it really a money transfer network, but it’s been formulated in such a way that regulators might not be able to do anything to stop it Read More

Computer Weekly announces the Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2019

25 Sep 2019

Computer Weekly has announced the 2019 list of the 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech, including this year’s winner Debbie Forster Read More

UK to launch security standard for surveillance cameras

20 Jun 2019

The UK is launching the world’s first voluntary cyber security standard and compliance certification mark for the manufacturers of surveillance cameras Read More

IBM Cloud Paks open new business for channel partners

02 Aug 2019

The IBM-Red Hat merger has produced IBM Cloud Paks, a new OpenShift-based product line. Executives said Cloud Paks will benefit both IBM and Red Hat's partners; other news. Read More

Inside F5’s cyber security playbook

17 Jun 2019

F5 Networks' CISO talks up measures that the application delivery and security specialist is employing to fend off cyber attackers that come knocking on its doors Read More

CW500 Club: Rising to the IT ethics and sustainability challenge

15 May 2019

As technologists are asked to take a position of continuing leadership in the digital revolution brought about by tools such as artificial intelligence, the Computer Weekly CW500 Club looked at how to innovate in ... Read More

How privacy could breathe new life into personalisation

27 Jun 2019

As much of the advertising technology used by marketers to deliver personalised content online is deemed unlawful, there are signs regulation could actually be a win-win for both consumers and business – as long as... Read More

Reducing poverty through fintech at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

10 May 2019

Kosta Peric swapped a life innovating for banks to work on increasing financial inclusion in the developing world Read More