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LinkedIn launches business collaboration tools

04 Nov 2008

Business social network LinkedIn has unveiled a range of applications for businesses and individuals. Read More

CIO interview: Shaun Le Geyt, CIO, Parkinson’s UK

10 Oct 2019

A major shift from Microsoft Office 365 to Google's G Suite, the implementation of Salesforce and better use of data are combining to help the charity enhance its support for people with Parkinson’s Read More

Tools and methods for testing big data applications

29 Mar 2019

Data is more valuable than gold for businesses, so QA must ensure that they test big data applications and their output thoroughly and accurately. Read More

O2 powers customer-centric network with Nokia AI

15 Jan 2019

Mobile operator O2 claims Nokia’s AI-driven Service Operation Center platform will help it anticipate its customers’ problems before they know they have problems Read More

Visa card payments system goes down across the UK and Ireland

01 Jun 2018

Millions of businesses across the UK and Ireland are unable to accept VIsa card payments because of a "service disruption" Read More

Deep learning pioneer Fei-Fei Li on the fundamentals of ethical AI

21 May 2019

AI luminary Fei-Fei Li was among a group of distinguished AI researchers asked to share their thoughts on how to develop ethical AI. The right data and careful observation help. Read More

Facebook Minipack joins other advancements at OCP 2019

14 Mar 2019

Facebook launches the power-saving Minipack switching platform, and Arista unveils the 7368X4 for hyperscalers at the OCP 2019 Global Summit. Read More

Use cases of RFID in retail

10 May 2019

RFID technology is bringing new opportunities for retailers, says Chainway's Morris Qiu, helping them improve supply chain efficiency, collect and analyze data, and improve customer experience. Read More

Security firm Sophos calls on Facebook to implement safety plan

18 Apr 2011

Security firm Sophos has called on social networking business Facebook to implement a three-point plan to address top security issues. Read More

Disaster planning: How to expect the unexpected

21 Jun 2019

Focusing too much on specific disasters rather than considering an organisation’s data protection, network security and process requirements, can lead to unpredicted vulnerabilities Read More