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Younger employees 'main culprits' for security breaches

21 Jun 2018

UK senior decision makers believe younger workers are the biggest risk to cyber security, but are doing little to support them and reduce that risk, a report reveals Read More

Who is the most influential person on a social network?

27 Jul 2010

Businesses looking to generate value from social networks need to identify which types of users have the most influence, says Gartner.

The analyst...

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Document-based malware on the rise, businesses warned

04 Apr 2019

Document-based malware spiked in the first quarter of the year, building on a gradual rise in the past year, warn researchers Read More

Kubernetes management for 'Minecraft' has enterprise IT traits

22 Mar 2019

What do 'Minecraft' servers and enterprise databases have in common? In the realm of Kubernetes management, more than you might think. Read More

3121 brings social networking and security challenges to Capitol Hill

17 Sep 2009

By this point in 2009, most online users know about online social networking platforms like Facebook. Business users have seen many attempts to bring social networking and other Web 2.0 features ... Read More

Facebook security policy and practices unfit, say infosec pros

22 Mar 2019

Confidence in Facebook’s ability to keep users’ data safe has once again been shaken by revelations of poor password protection practices, prompting calls for a security review Read More

How to address endpoint security issues caused by users

12 Dec 2018

Certain behaviors, such as ignoring patches, create security issues on the endpoints users work with. IT should enforce policies that prevent users from taking these damaging actions. Read More

Huddle connects to iPhone and MS Office

30 Sep 2009

Huddle, the business collaboration application which uses LinkedIn social networking, is now available on the iPhone. Read More

Fintech Interview: Part 12 Eucaps

25 Jan 2019

Swedish fintech Eucaps is about to launch as the Spotify of the share trading sector Read More

MWC 2019: Our planet is dying - is it time to ditch Mobile World Congress?

28 Feb 2019

This year, my flight from London's Stansted Airport to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, plus two days of hour-and-a-half commutes through horrendous traffic between my hotel and the conference ... Read More