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ICO could use new GDPR powers in Facebook probe

21 May 2018

UK privacy watchdog is considering using new powers in its investigation of Facebook, while the government is considering new laws to police social media firms Read More

Threats of AI include malicious use against enterprises

17 May 2018

As sophisticated tools become easier to use, enterprises need to protect themselves against AI threats to ensure they do not become the victims of malicious attacks. Read More

Microsoft and LinkedIn: Nadella spends like he means it

16 Jun 2016

To pay $26.2bn for a social network that has failed to grow its income may be poor judgement – but Microsoft’s plans are far-reaching Read More

Twitter turns off business users! Pope in Catholic shocker!

21 Feb 2011

UC Expo's new research showing that business users are turned off unified comms because there are too many social media options out there comes as little surprise to Network Noise. Read More

How IoT and 5G are enabling the fourth Industrial Revolution

07 Dec 2018

The fifth generation of mobile networks is all about connecting things and unlocking the benefits of IoT. Key to this, says Openwave Mobility's Aman Brar, 5G will serve as an enabler for the fourth ... Read More

Manage access to social networking sites with an acceptable use policy

15 Dec 2009

Social networking sites can cause security issues, but sites like Twitter and Facebook can also open up significant business opportunities. Learn how to manage employee access to social networking sites to make ... Read More

Fortinet: 5G to present new edge computing security concerns

29 Mar 2019

Although the rollout of 5G connectivity will enable new edge computing opportunities, John Maddison, executive VP at Fortinet, said it will also require new security considerations. Read More

Facebook stock price falls on slowing growth forecast

26 Jul 2018

Facebook’s stock price has fallen dramatically in response to a forecast of slower revenue growth in 2018 and lower-than-expected user growth for the second quarter Read More

Cryptominers plateau while backdoors shoot up

17 Jul 2018

Illicit cryptocurrency mining appears to be slowing down, but backdoors increased rapidly in the second quarter of the year, a report warns Read More

Software firm Clevermed enhances NHS user experience on Health and Social Care Network

04 Jul 2018

Clevermed, a supplier of maternity and neonatal care record software to the NHS, reveals how users are benefiting after it switched to the new Health and Social Care Network Read More