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Video: Salesforce.com runs beta of Chatter collaboration

17 Feb 2010

A select few businesses have been trialling the beta of Salesforce.com's Chatter application, which links enterprise collaboration with cloud computing and social networking. Read More

USB attacks: Big threats to ICS from small devices

08 Feb 2019

USB devices can carry malware that can wreak havoc on industrial control systems. Expert Ernie Hayden explores the history of USB attacks and possible mitigations. Read More

Why improving social media customer service is important

06 Mar 2018

By having a social media strategy in place, companies can quickly respond to customers' concerns through social media. Read More

CISOs take measured steps to reduce social media risks

08 Feb 2010

With sales and marketing teams using social networks to connect with clients and potential customers, CISOs need to meet business needs while addressing risks. Read More

ICO pledges to support innovation

13 Mar 2019

UK data privacy watchdog is increasingly gearing up to support innovation to ensure developers of tech and digital services do not lose society’s trust Read More

Using social media and networking to spy on, er, understand employees

09 Mar 2011

Businesses so know they need to track what customers are saying about them on social media and networking sites. Tracking customer sentiment online can contain, if not prevent, the damage inflicted ... Read More

APAC buyer’s guide to human capital management software

06 Aug 2019

More Asia-Pacific organisations are turning to HCM software to recruit, engage and retain a new breed of employees who increasingly expect personalised services from HR teams Read More

Malware detection methods struggle to keep up with evolving threats

21 Oct 2019

Experts discuss the increasingly complex methods of malware detection needed when dealing with everything from low-level attackers to advanced persistent threat groups. Read More

Consumers still important as Dutch satnav pioneer maps B2B future

01 Apr 2019

TomTom is focusing on the business-to-business sector, but its consumer base is an important part of its strategy Read More

Forward-thinking companies are listening to employees

02 Jul 2019

Technologies and programmes amplifying employees’ voices gain interest among companies keen to keep staff loyal and motivated Read More