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Channel should use the summer to improve strategy planning

06 Aug 2018

There is plenty that could be done in the summer weeks when business is traditionally that bit slower Read More

Pluralsight ups nonprofit philanthropy agenda

30 Aug 2018

First, there’s business. Then, there’s business that also operates with socially-charged philanthropy-fuelled magnanimously-enriched humanitarian awareness designed to help channel a proportion of ... Read More

Why improving social media customer service is important

06 Mar 2018

By having a social media strategy in place, companies can quickly respond to customers' concerns through social media. Read More

Cybersecurity education: How HR can plan for the inevitable

19 Feb 2019

Cybersecurity is a major concern for any organization, but employees continue to be a top threat. HR can help mitigate insider risks by providing regular training and reminders. Read More

Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Big Data infrastructure

03 Jun 2013

In this 10-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the mindset and technology businesses need to analyse various forms of data, the low-cost solid state memory powering datastreams from social network feeds ... Read More

Global SMB IT spend on the rise, reports Spiceworks

08 May 2012

According to the State of SMB IT survey results released today by Spiceworks, the social business network, SMBs are continuing to expand IT budgets, which now average £94,000 ($152,000) per year, writes Linda... Read More

Microsoft and LinkedIn: Nadella spends like he means it

16 Jun 2016

To pay $26.2bn for a social network that has failed to grow its income may be poor judgement – but Microsoft’s plans are far-reaching Read More

Data protection: How privacy can be a benefit, not a burden

09 Jul 2019

With the growing number of data breaches, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their data is used. Organisations can take advantage of this trend by treating data protection and user privacy as ... Read More

USB attacks: Big threats to ICS from small devices

08 Feb 2019

USB devices can carry malware that can wreak havoc on industrial control systems. Expert Ernie Hayden explores the history of USB attacks and possible mitigations. Read More

ICO pledges to support innovation

13 Mar 2019

UK data privacy watchdog is increasingly gearing up to support innovation to ensure developers of tech and digital services do not lose society’s trust Read More