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PwC partners with UKBlackTech to increase tech sector diversity

29 Oct 2018

Professional services network PwC has partnered with social initiative UKBlackTech to encourage more young people from different backgrounds into the technology industry Read More

Patch early, patch often to manage SAP exploit

17 May 2019

In this Q&A, Onapsis CEO Mariano Nunez and SAP security head Tim McKnight discuss the recent SAP security system threat and what companies can do to protect systems and data. Read More

Key lessons from an ethical hacker

10 May 2019

Understanding hacker techniques and processes is the best way to defend against cyber attacks, and focusing on business risks is the best way to get security budget, according to an ethical hacker Read More

HR must reevaluate the vetting process to find new talent

08 Apr 2019

Traditional methods of vetting job candidates are no longer enough to find new talent. Companies should consider unconventional skills and experience to find the right fit. Read More

Is your IT ready to compete in the digital age?

18 Sep 2018

Even the most successful organisations today need to address the question: can you compete against emerging businesses that were born in the internet age? Read More

Prasad Akella


Prasad Akella is the founder and CEO of Drishti.Read More

Quicke? No that's not me.

18 Aug 2010

I'm busy collecting the deed poll details just in case any of my social networking activity embarrasses me so much I have to resort to changing my identity. Read More

IBM mainframes face competitive pressures inside and out

10 Jul 2019

IBM's mainframe business continues to be under pressure from cloud-based competitors, and perhaps even its own Power server. But analyst opinions vary about its long-term fate. Read More

Nigerian cyber attackers up their game

08 May 2018

Nigerian cyber attackers have modernised their approach to cyber crime, security researchers warn Read More

Will the new EU standard protect consumers from IoT products?

08 Mar 2019

ETSI's recently release TS 103 645 aims to protect consumers from security dangers inherent to IoT devices. Northern.tech's Thomas Ryd discusses the requirements in the standard and what to expect. Read More