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WatchGuard reacts to SME authentication gap

26 Jul 2018

SMEs have long thought of multi-factor authentication as beyond their means but the need for protection is increasing as Kaseya has found in some research Read More

Can IT suppliers industrialise social media?

17 Jun 2010

Social media has gone from consumer networking tool to business necessity in a short space of time, but tools such as Twitter and Facebook are not deemed appropriate by many enterprises. Read More

Most Britons concerned about personal data sharing

06 Mar 2018

Most UK consumers are concerned about personal data they have shared online, but few know the extent of that data or their rights, a survey shows, indicating a need for education and transparency Read More

Europe passes controversial Copyright Directive

26 Mar 2019

The European Parliament has passed a new Copyright Directive, including a number of highly controversial articles Read More

Avaya, Cisco, Juniper named to ethical companies list

16 Mar 2011

Ethisphere, a think-tank specialising in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability, has named Avaya, Cisco and Juniper Networks to its 2011 rundown of the world's most ... Read More

How to create a Windows 10 security program

02 Jul 2018

IT can get ahead of Windows 10 security problems by understanding its organizational needs and focusing on a few key areas, including patching and domain password policies. Read More

Palo Alto Networks opens cyber range in Australia

20 Jun 2018

The first of its kind in Asia-Pacific, the cyber range training facility will let Australian IT and security teams hone their skills through cyber security exercises Read More

CCS invites more SMEs to bid for NHS networking contracts

28 Nov 2017

NHS Digital’s HSCN Dynamic Purchasing System framework has gone live, and the government is keen to get smaller services providers signed up Read More

When networks collide: how M&A brings infrastructure together

30 Aug 2018

Enterprise IT runs on networking, so fixing up the network should be a priority issue during mergers and acquisitions – but that’s not always the case. Find out how the pros manage it Read More

Security Think Tank: Put more layers around passwords to up security

02 Jul 2018

In light of the fact that complex passwords are not as strong as most people think and most password strategies inevitably lead to people following them blindly, what actually makes a good password and when is a ... Read More