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VeloCloud acquisition gives VMware SD-WAN market traction

27 Dec 2018

VeloCloud SD-WAN is emerging as one of the industry's more popular products. Though the company still has work to do, the future looks bright for VMware. Read More

Firms urged to protect against spear phishing

19 Mar 2019

Spear phishing attacks are sophisticated, targeted, costly and increasing in popularity among cyber attackers, a report warns Read More

ICO could use new GDPR powers in Facebook probe

21 May 2018

UK privacy watchdog is considering using new powers in its investigation of Facebook, while the government is considering new laws to police social media firms Read More

Threats of AI include malicious use against enterprises

17 May 2018

As sophisticated tools become easier to use, enterprises need to protect themselves against AI threats to ensure they do not become the victims of malicious attacks. Read More

Can IT suppliers industrialise social media?

17 Jun 2010

Social media has gone from consumer networking tool to business necessity in a short space of time, but tools such as Twitter and Facebook are not deemed appropriate by many enterprises. Read More

Compare trunk-based development to feature-based approaches

12 Mar 2019

The repo-centric trunk-based development model can be a good fit for teams adept enough to maintain a codebase. But it means taking the road less traveled. Read More

What key features do today's leading social CRM tools offer?

11 Jan 2018

Before purchasing social CRM software, learn the important tools and services you should be looking for and which of today's leading vendors offer them. Read More

AWS CEO Andy Jassy confirms Oracle data warehouse switch-off at Amazon

12 Nov 2018

Months after Oracle CTO Larry Ellison cited Amazon's use of its database tech as proof of its superiority, AWS CEO confirms its parent company is now migrating off it Read More

Inclusion for everyone, not just the under-represented, says Most Influential Woman in UK Tech 2019

25 Sep 2019

People need to be more clued up on the benefits of inclusion, says Tech Talent Charter CEO Debbie Forster, the 2019 winner of Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Woman in UK Technology accolade Read More

Avaya, Cisco, Juniper named to ethical companies list

16 Mar 2011

Ethisphere, a think-tank specialising in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability, has named Avaya, Cisco and Juniper Networks to its 2011 rundown of the world's most ... Read More