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Threats of AI include malicious use against enterprises

17 May 2018

As sophisticated tools become easier to use, enterprises need to protect themselves against AI threats to ensure they do not become the victims of malicious attacks. Read More

Consumer technologies in business clothes mean partner opportunity

15 Sep 2008

With Google, smartphones, IM and social networking coming in-house, VARs have the chance to support consumer technologies in business. Read More

Key customer identity access management features to consider

11 Jan 2019

Evaluating customer identity access management products is complicated but necessary. Learn what’s new and what you need most right now. Read More

Cisco stronger against Office 365 with IBM collaboration partnership

01 Jul 2016

Cisco and IBM have formed a collaboration partnership that will integrate four products. The partnership could make Cisco a stronger rival to Microsoft Office 365. Read More

Five IoT security and privacy trends to look out for in 2019

04 Mar 2019

While the internet of things may be proven technology now, its security is only getting more difficult. Very Good Security's Peter Berg offers five IoT security trends to look out for in the year ... Read More

Web inventor wants a web built on solid data principles

26 Mar 2019

Tim Berners-Lee has urged app developers to be courteous to users’ data privacy, saying users should own their own data and apps need to interoperate Read More

What key features do today's leading social CRM tools offer?

11 Jan 2018

Before purchasing social CRM software, learn the important tools and services you should be looking for and which of today's leading vendors offer them. Read More

Malware detection methods struggle to keep up with evolving threats

21 Oct 2019

Experts discuss the increasingly complex methods of malware detection needed when dealing with everything from low-level attackers to advanced persistent threat groups. Read More

VeloCloud acquisition gives VMware SD-WAN market traction

27 Dec 2018

VeloCloud SD-WAN is emerging as one of the industry's more popular products. Though the company still has work to do, the future looks bright for VMware. Read More

Edge computing challenges and opportunities

08 May 2019

The age of edge computing is here – is your enterprise ready? Platform9's Vamsi Chemitiganti discusses the use cases of edge computing, challenges it the edge presents and questions to ask before ... Read More