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Security Think Tank: Put more layers around passwords to up security

02 Jul 2018

In light of the fact that complex passwords are not as strong as most people think and most password strategies inevitably lead to people following them blindly, what actually makes a good password and when is a ... Read More

Which business messaging app will prevail in the contact center?

05 Mar 2018

Apple, Facebook and Google are rolling out messaging apps that connect businesses and consumers. As a result, contact centers should consider an omnichannel messaging strategy. Read More

When networks collide: how M&A brings infrastructure together

30 Aug 2018

Enterprise IT runs on networking, so fixing up the network should be a priority issue during mergers and acquisitions – but that’s not always the case. Find out how the pros manage it Read More

SME provider takes on Cambridgeshire public sector network contract

22 Jun 2018

Managed network services provider MLL Telecom has been awarded the EastNet contract to run WAN services across Cambridgeshire, replacing a legacy Virgin Media Network Read More

Another misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket exposes 48M records

20 Apr 2018

News roundup: A misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket led to the exposure of 48 million records collected by a private data analytics firm. Plus, PCI SSC updated its cloud guidelines, and more. Read More

IBM mainframes face competitive pressures inside and out

10 Jul 2019

IBM's mainframe business continues to be under pressure from cloud-based competitors, and perhaps even its own Power server. But analyst opinions vary about its long-term fate. Read More

New IoT security laws and proposals are a good start, but we need to do more

04 Dec 2018

While new IoT security laws and proposals are a step in the right direction toward securing IoT, there is a lot more to be done to ensure a safe connected environment, says GlobalSign's Nisarg Desai. Read More

Europe passes controversial Copyright Directive

26 Mar 2019

The European Parliament has passed a new Copyright Directive, including a number of highly controversial articles Read More

The Social Network at a cinema near you

23 Sep 2010

You might hate Facebook. You might think it has no place in a business environment.But instead of thinking of Facebook as a social network, why not ask if you already manage your appointments ... Read More

Facebook's medical data sharing plan raises privacy concerns

13 Apr 2018

Facebook's proposal to match anonymized patient data with user profiles has some experts worried about the possible privacy implications of such a project. Read More