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SMEs use Twitter to cut costs

16 Mar 2009

More than 700,000 small and medium businesses are using the Twitter social network to save on marketing and recruitment costs, an O2 survey says. Read More

How machine learning anomaly detection works inside SAP

21 Mar 2018

SAP CSO Justin Somaini discusses how SAP uses machine learning for security tasks, like anomaly detection, and compares supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Read More

LinkedIn to cash in, but at what cost to you?

16 Sep 2008

LinkedIn, a social networking site for business professionals, has been in such high demand amongst advertisers that it will be launching its own advertising network. What made LinkedIn such a ... Read More

Poor passwords still putting UK firms at risk

19 Sep 2017

Poor password practices are still putting UK citizens and the companies they work for at risk, a survey reveals Read More

When traditional data center technology trumps hyper-converged

28 Nov 2018

Committing to a conventional data center rather than a hyper-converged approach is sometimes the smarter move. We take a look at some reasons to steer clear of HCI. Read More

Corporate networks vulnerable to insider attacks, report finds

10 Jul 2018

Researchers found that 100% of corporate networks tested in 2017 were vulnerable to insider attacks, with Wi-Fi networks and employees among the top areas of weakness Read More

5G one of several security challenges to CNI

06 Mar 2019

5G technology is among the key security challenges facing critical national infrastructure and all other business organisations, according to the Information Security Forum Read More

Cloud browsers: The security benefits of anonymity in the cloud

24 Oct 2018

Cloud browsers can provide a level of security for users seeking anonymity in the cloud. Expert Frank Siemons of the Infosec Institute explains the benefits of cloud browsers. Read More

The next frontier for IoT: Edge analytics

08 Jan 2019

Need real-time insights on IIoT data collected from devices and sensors? Software AG's Sean Riley outlines the benefits of IoT edge analytics and discusses why your organization should consider ... Read More

Finding the killer IoT app: Why worry?

05 Mar 2018

Companies are anxiously looking for the killer IoT app. But, according to OIES Consulting's Francisco Maroto, the true killer IoT app doesn't exist. Read More