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Customer service AI tools can improve contact center

06 Dec 2018

By adding AI to its Salesforce Service Cloud integration, Nokia is trying to bring a proactive approach to customer service, while adding AI to workflow. Read More

Facebook could face up to $1.6bn fine for data breach

01 Oct 2018

Facebook is under increased pressure to demonstrate that users’ personal data is protected as it faces a potential fine of more than a billion dollars for a data breach affecting millions of users Read More

Information Incontinence rules the Database State

22 Mar 2009

The problem of information incontinence is not, howver, confined to government. It is the very basis of the business models behind search engines and social networking operations such as Google and ... Read More

Rise in data-stealing Betabot malware

03 Oct 2018

Researchers are warning about an increase in Betabot malware after detecting multiple infections in recent weeks, underlining the importance of software patching Read More

Fraudulent money transfers are top aim of business email compromise

31 Aug 2018

Business email compromise is increasingly popular with cyber criminals to steal money and information as well as spread malware, security researchers find Read More

What's going on with Google's social network testing?

17 Feb 2010

Headline: "Google admits buzz social network testing flaws."   The same head was covered on MSNBC,  The Business Insider, and USA Today.  Regarding the mess, software testing authority James Bach ... Read More

Channel enjoys a strong start to the year

03 May 2019

Just how has this year been going? There is no better way to find out than ask a number of those working in the channel Read More

Security Think Tank: Focus on data protection, but do not rely on DLP alone

08 Jun 2018

Why is it important to know where data flows, with whom it's shared and where it lives at rest – and what is the best way of achieving this? Read More

At the new Cisco, culture is as important as innovation

26 Sep 2018

Cisco’s newly appointed SVP of Emear, Wendy Mars, shares her thoughts on the state of network innovation within the industry, and explains why cultural change is just as important an element of a digital strategy Read More

Three ways leaders can increase diversity in tech

25 Jul 2018

In this guest blog post, Vivian Chan, Founder and CEO of Sparrho, suggests three ways in which leaders can increase diversity in tech.  Women make up the largest single economic force in the world, ... Read More