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Chit chat: The new team collaboration apps go mainstream

10 Jan 2017

Gone are the days of dial-up internet and ubiquitous AOL accounts, when Meg Ryan had mail and no one owned a smartphone. Yet, many years and seven iPhone generations later, email -- for all its frustrations and ... Read More

7 key trends driving the CPaaS market and its vendors

01 Feb 2019

Do you know where the CPaaS market is headed? Expert Tsahi Levent-Levi breaks down the seven trends that are influencing how vendors offer their services. Read More

New stolen credentials cache puts spotlight on authentication

01 Feb 2019

The discovery of billions more stolen usernames and passwords in Collections #2 to #5 have prompted fresh calls for the implementation of better authentication methods across industry Read More

Pen testers find weaknesses in banks’ cyber security

21 May 2018

Humans are the biggest weakness in banks’ cyber defences, but there are several others that also need attention, penetration testers have revealed Read More

Blockchain offers a new approach to customer satisfaction with the help of IoT

13 Sep 2018

Pairing blockchain with IoT is revolutionizing the customer experience, says Voxpro's Brian Hannon, namely by providing the trust needed to build customer relationships on core values of security, ... Read More

Business email compromise moves closer to advanced threats

01 Jun 2018

The sophisticated techniques used in BEC scams differ from other email fraud in the steps taken to construct the criminal campaign. Here's how to stop these APT-style attacks. Read More

3 ways to prep microservices applications for big data

16 Oct 2018

It's easy for the expansion of big data to spin out of control in a distributed architecture. Think carefully about database management to avoid performance-killing bottlenecks. Read More

Sibos 2018: ‘Black swan’ cyber event is inevitable

24 Oct 2018

With security experts and bankers expecting a 9/11-style cyber event, deeper collaboration between companies and governments is necessary to identify emerging threats before they occur Read More

Keith Teichmann

Delta Energy & Communications

Keith Teichmann is the CTO at Delta Energy & Communications.Read More

Cyber attackers cashing in on ‘hidden’ attack surface

12 Jul 2018

Cyber attackers are cashing in on organisations’ lack of visibility into all online interactions that can involve multiple third parties, a report reveals Read More