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Keith Teichmann

Delta Energy & Communications

Keith Teichmann is the CTO at Delta Energy & Communications.Read More

News briefs: Glint acquisition ties into LinkedIn recruiting

05 Nov 2018

Find out how LinkedIn may use the engagement platform Glint; a fix is developed for the coding problems created by Google for Jobs; and the problems with AI in HR. Read More

IoT and personal devices pose huge security risk to enterprises

14 May 2018

After years of speculation about the risk IoT and personal devices pose to enterprise security, research has revealed the threat is “immense” and probably greater than most firms realise Read More

Choose security tools wisely to gain upper hand

24 Oct 2018

The cyber threat landscape is continually changing, but staying abreast of attacker and defender innovation can help business leaders gain the upper hand, says KuppingerCole Read More

Linking up with the Joneses: Creating true neighborhood connectivity

04 Feb 2019

Imagine the focus of IoT shifting from one person's smart home to a model of true neighborhood connectivity. EPAM Continuum's Eric Bogner takes a look at the possibilities and benefits. Read More

Know your enemy: Understanding insider attacks

21 Jun 2018

Insider attacks are a significant threat to enterprises. Expert Ernie Hayden provides an introduction to insider threats and how organizations can protect themselves. Read More

IT decision-makers trust Facebook less and are changing policies

04 Apr 2018

As Facebook scrambles to contain the damage from the Cambridge Analytica data exploitation scandal, a survey reveals that a majority of IT decision-makers have lost trust in the social networking firm Read More

IDC, Cisco survey assesses future IT staffing needs

24 May 2018

New IDC survey on digital transformation's effects on future IT staffing outline technology trends affecting IT hiring and 20 roles that emphasize need for expanded skill sets. Read More

What you need to know about Oracle Social Network

31 Jul 2015

Oracle Social Network is a cloud-only tool that connects Fusion applications users, facilitating real-time conversation while keeping them secure and private. Read More

Salesforce unveils image recognition technology for Social Studio

31 Aug 2017

Salesforce's Einstein Vision for Social Studio currently only works with Twitter, but other integrations are expected. Read More