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Social monitoring toolbox filled with empty outcomes

04 Aug 2016

In the ongoing battle to capture and retain customers, companies see social media as fertile and unlimited real estate where they can engage audiences, target marketing campaigns and build brand loyalty. While some... Read More

Security pros doubt officials can enact effective security laws

05 Sep 2019

Elected officials cannot be trusted to enact effective cyber security legislation and social media firms should be subject to strict privacy regulation, according to most information security professionals in a ... Read More

Why CIOs should focus on trimming their internal email footprint

30 Jul 2019

Better internal collaboration should be part of a CIO’s digitisation arsenal. But there is resistance to change, especially as email is so dominant Read More

SAP's Web 2.0 strategy makes way for social networking in business apps

22 Jun 2009

As SAP tries to makes its software easier to use, users can expect to see social networking tools in their enterprise software. Learn more in this podcast. Read More

How to build an enterprise penetration testing plan

19 Aug 2019

Simulating an attack against your network is one of the best ways to remediate security holes before the bad guys find them. Here, learn penetration testing basics and how it can help keep your enterprise safe. Read More

Cyber criminals targeting C-suite, DBIR shows

08 May 2019

Executives and cloud-based services are gaining popularity as targets for cyber criminals, according to the latest data breach investigations report Read More

Social networks in the enterprise: Collaborate seamlessly

05 Sep 2014

CIOs have swung from dismissing social networks in the enterprise to applauding and seizing on their potential to boost business productivity and creativity. In this SearchCIO handbook, we examine the latest trends... Read More

The changing face of enterprise collaboration

01 Jul 2019

Enterprises are turning to social platforms to optimise communication among their workforces. Computer Weekly looks at some examples Read More

Business instant messaging and social network users make catalogue of errors

22 Aug 2008

Business users of instant messaging and social networking sites are making a catalogue of errors when using the technology, according to a survey.


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IBM will add social networking tools for business

22 Jan 2007

If you like MySpace, you may have some interest in what Lotus has on tap for corporate customers. Read More