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Proofpoint sends channel a reminder to focus on email security

30 May 2019

Ahead of InfoSec the security vendor has highlighted the importance of resellers helping customers secure their communications Read More

Accenture CIO Frank Modruson on how to exploit the power of social networking within the business

04 Jun 2008

Accenture's CIO Frank Modruson talks to Computer Weekly's Bill Goodwin about Accenture's moves to exploit social networking technology within the business to maximise employees' collaborative potential. Read More

PDG, Equinix tap booming APAC datacentre market

04 Sep 2019

Major datacentre providers are expanding their footprint in a region that is set to become the biggest datacentre market by 2020 Read More

Facebook leaks: Zuckerberg turned data into dollars in ruthless battle with competitors

18 Apr 2019

Facebook’s CEO ruthlessly exploited personal data shared by its users to turn Facebook into the biggest social network, but internal documents show that privacy appeared to be an afterthought for executives Read More

When cars own the road: The future of IoT and connected vehicles

06 Sep 2019

As it stands now, automakers have an opportunity to save money and build new revenue streams by pulling vast troves of data from connected vehicles through Message Queuing Telemetry Transport and ... Read More

Cybersecurity automation won't fix the skills gap alone

12 Aug 2019

Joan Pepin, CISO and vice president of operations at Auth0, says cybersecurity automation makes her job possible, but it can't replace the human talent her industry badly needs. Read More

6 types of insider threats and how to prevent them

17 Sep 2019

Compromised, negligent and malicious employees put enterprises at risk. Here are six problems they pose and the insider threat prevention strategies to protect your enterprise. Read More

How IT pros are building resilience against email security threats

19 Jul 2019

For most people, emails are an easy and harmless way to communicate in the workplace, but they could also be a security disaster waiting to happen Read More

Public cloud market set to double in four years

19 Sep 2019

IT departments are accepting that the cloud offers a better way to provision enterprise IT, but CIOs need to beware of lock-ins Read More

How to have a safe connected cyber summer

07 Jun 2019

Fortinet's Anthony Giandomenico offers seven tips to staying safe and connected while in the office or on vacation. From safe Wi-Fi to updating devices, follow these to prevent attacks on connected ... Read More