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Fifth annual girls’ school techathon focuses on AI for social good

20 Mar 2019

Girls’ Day School Trust has held its fifth annual techathon to encourage more young women to pursue careers in tech Read More

Accenture CIO Frank Modruson on how to exploit the power of social networking within the business

04 Jun 2008

Accenture's CIO Frank Modruson talks to Computer Weekly's Bill Goodwin about Accenture's moves to exploit social networking technology within the business to maximise employees' collaborative potential. Read More

MySpace data loss: Botched server migration prompts user concerns over fate of lost songs

18 Mar 2019

Social networking forerunner MySpace confirms server migration caused the loss of content uploaded to its site before 2015 Read More

New Baldr information stealer could target businesses

11 Apr 2019

Malwarebytes explains why the rapidly evolving info-stealer Baldr could spell trouble for businesses and consumers, and offers pointers on how to defend against such malware. Read More

Facebook officially unveils cryptocurrency plans

20 Jun 2019

Facebook has released details about its Libra cryptocurrency, but questions still remain over how, and if, it will work Read More

IoT is fuel for the fourth Industrial Revolution

17 Jul 2019

The fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. PwC's Mohamed Kande explains what this means for organizations and discusses strategies to solve business problems and create new opportunities. Read More

Security Think Tank: Key considerations for determining cyber risk

11 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

Social media analytics software pulls useful info out of online muddle

15 Nov 2012

Companies can use social media analytics tools to distill business insights from the abundance of data on social networks. That's the goal, at least. Read More

Social networking strategies build partner presence and opportunities

24 Jul 2012

By using social networking tools, partners connect better with customers and generate business through presence in the social media environment. Read More

PartnerPulse community aims to socialise Microsoft partners

06 Jun 2013

Independent community for Microsoft partners to use social networking features to drive more business into the channel’s arms Read More