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How social media drives business success

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 21 May 2012 IT Briefing

There is a growing recognition that rather than being a distraction or a time drain, social tools could hold the key to a more productive way of doing business, this report from Google argues.

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Are we trusting social networks too much?

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 31 Jan 2017 Essential Guide

This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series sheds an often uncomfortable light on the privacy risks people incur by using social media, and offers advice on how to minimise those risks

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Business and Social Apps

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 02 Nov 2010 White Paper

The promise of creating value by harnessing collective activities is attracting organisations to technology that connects employees, engages customers and partners inconversation, or boosts their R&D through ...

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MicroScope: Grasp the social networking opportunity

sponsored by MicroScope Published: 02 Jan 2018 Ezine

An issue looking at the issues around social media, the growth in unclouding and some security industry predictions for the year ahead.

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How to control abuse of social networking on mobile devices

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 25 Nov 2010 White Paper

The numbers of employees using some form of mobile technology while working has soared. The benefits to the organisation are well documented; employees are more contactable, will probably extend their working days ...

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Gartner: Three actions to support governance as business gets social

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 31 Mar 2011 White Paper

While businesses are seeing the value of becoming more open through social collaboration, there is a tightening of regulations impacting corporate governance and, subsequently, IT governance.

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How to start, refine and improve your social media business strategy

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 22 Apr 2014 Book

This extract from Adam Gray's  book, Brilliant Social Media will help your organisation get started with social media, then refine and improve your strategy to get real business results.

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Social media is not just for fun – it can transform your business

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 19 Jan 2011 White Paper

This six-page Buyer’s Guide to Social Media explains why CIOs and senior IT professionals have a prime oppor tunit y to rethink core business processes and examine how to use social computing to create advantages ...

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The Importance of a Business-First Network

sponsored by Silver Peak Published: 18 Feb 2019 Webcast

In this webcast, listen to Rolf Murrat, vice president of Product Management for SilverPeak, discuss the future of SD-WAN and why your network should be built around business intent. Also learn about manufacturer, ...

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Safety Meshing: Hybrid trust models in social networks for end-to-end encryption

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 13 Sep 2017 Essential Guide

This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis series looks at an alternative approach to end-to-end encryption.

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