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Review QA fundamentals with this software testing quiz

By Ryan Black 31 May 2019

Software testing occurs throughout the development life cycle, and these tests require a deft hand to execute well. Check your knowledge of the fundamentals to see where you stand. Read More

How to improve code quality, from teamwork to AI features

By David Carty 01 Nov 2019

Development teams must enforce code quality from day one. Take a multifaceted approach to write, and then manage, secure application code with this advice from experts. Read More

Application Modernisation: The Essential Guide

28 Sep 2016

One of the emerging trends is to engineer applications using microservices. Such an approach promotes developing and deploying applications that are composed of independent, autonomous, modular, self-contained ... Read More

Why API-first software development leads to shiny API people

By Cliff Saran 14 Oct 2019

There is a fundamental difference between using application programming interfaces for integration and having an API strategy for reuse. We look at how APIs can make digital initiatives shine Read More

The benefits of Python are plenty, but it's not for everyone

By Kerry Doyle 09 Dec 2019

Python boasts plenty of features that make it a go-to object-oriented language. But is it always the right choice? We take a look at what you should know about coding with Python. Read More

ISA-95 for IIoT gives architects a standard for integration

By Johna Till Johnson 26 Nov 2019

The rapid growth of IoT technology has led to a common complaint about the lack of standards across IoT, but organizations can use the ISA-95 standard for IIoT. Read More

Biometrics to enable $2.5tn of mobile payments by 2024

By Joe O’Halloran 03 Dec 2019

Juniper Research study predicts that biometric technology will be present on 90% of smartphones in five years’ time Read More

AWS CEO Andy Jassy blames 'significant political interference' for Amazon losing $10bn JEDI deal

By Caroline Donnelly 05 Dec 2019

AWS CEO Andy Jassy claims White House meddling led to it losing out to Microsoft on the US Department of Defense JEDI contract, despite its cloud platform being demonstrably superior Read More

5 tips to ease Kubernetes adoption and legacy VM management

By Paul Korzeniowski 18 Nov 2019

Kubernetes manages containers, but integrating the platform with legacy systems is still a work in progress and requires prior planning to ensure successful adoption. Read More

Software drives changes in network engineer skills, certifications

By Jennifer English 27 Aug 2019

Learn what network analysts think about network engineer skills and certifications in the modern networking industry. Hint: Proprietary hardware is in the rearview mirror. Read More