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Review QA fundamentals with this software testing quiz

By Ryan Black 31 May 2019

Software testing occurs throughout the development life cycle, and these tests require a deft hand to execute well. Check your knowledge of the fundamentals to see where you stand. Read More

Application Modernisation: The Essential Guide

28 Sep 2016

One of the emerging trends is to engineer applications using microservices. Such an approach promotes developing and deploying applications that are composed of independent, autonomous, modular, self-contained ... Read More

Software drives changes in network engineer skills, certifications

By Jennifer English 27 Aug 2019

Learn what network analysts think about network engineer skills and certifications in the modern networking industry. Hint: Proprietary hardware is in the rearview mirror. Read More

Listen and learn about QA automation, built-in quality

By Ryan Black 29 Aug 2019

Poorly designed environments and QA automation scripts impede digital transformation. In this podcast, we discuss how to stabilize a quality signal and implement continuous improvement. Read More

Executive interview: How Figleaves uncovers a data Eden

By Cliff Saran 04 Sep 2019

Online lingerie business that started out at the height of the dot com boom is now focused on using advanced analytics to reveal new data insights Read More

10 skills of highly effective software testers

23 Aug 2019

QA professionals with hands-on experience and a mix of technical and soft skills offer great value for software engineering teams. Testers with these 10 skills can boost their careers. Read More

Software insecurity in IoT: A problem of our own design

By Parham Eftekhari 06 Sep 2019

The power to improve IoT security caused by negligent developing practices is in the users hands. Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology's Parham Eftekhari suggests ways that anyone can ... Read More

Book excerpt: Communication structures of an organization

By IT Revolution ,Gabriella Frick 10 Sep 2019

The following is an excerpt from 'Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow,' by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, as well as a Q&A with the authors. Read More

How do I foster reusable code across dev projects?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Aug 2019

Developers don't have a lot of free time. Code reuse helps dev teams focus on the most value aspects of a project, so ensure everyone knows how to write -- and test -- reusable code. Read More

How to plot out a test automation strategy

By Gerie Owen 05 Sep 2019

Test automation can deliver great value or immense frustration. Map out a winning approach that helps engineers learn test automation skills and doesn't leave them exasperated. Read More