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Growing pains for ‘large-scale’ Agile

By Adrian Bridgwater 17 Sep 2018

This is a guest post written for the Computer Weekly Developer Network blog by Johan Karlsson in his capacity as senior consultant at Perforce Software. Perforce is known for its version control ... Read More

AI's carbon footprint will be an issue for enterprises

By George Lawton 26 Jun 2019

AI is touted as the tech that will help us combat global warming, but training AI models requires a shocking amount of energy. What are the implications for enterprise AI strategies? Read More

OpenStack Foundation hails innovation benefits of open and inclusive software development

By Caroline Donnelly 14 Nov 2018

OpenStack CIO Mark Collier predicts the next five to 10 years will see more software development conducted in open, transparent and collaborative ways, as enterprises strive to speed up digital transformation ... Read More

Microsoft chief urges industry to focus on ethics and privacy

By Cliff Saran 01 Nov 2018

Businesses must focus on GDPR and ethical AI if they are to become software firms, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Read More

HPE puts solution architects at heart of customer engagement

By Christine Horton 14 Mar 2019

HPE's Tech Pro programme will bolster technical training and support and equip solution architects for customers’ transformation projects Read More

Google's Edge TPU breaks model inferencing out of the cloud

By Nicole Laskowski 31 Jul 2018

Google's Edge TPU is a force multiplier to compete against the likes of Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, and to attract next-gen app developers. Read More

Neutralizing threats and creating a secure Java software stack

27 Dec 2017

This essential guide explores how developers can create a secure Java software stack, from the APIs used by the JDK to the methodologies used by Agile and DevOps teams. Read More

Casting the net for a software-defined future

By Andre Kindness 17 Dec 2018

The practical and cultural challenges of enterprises transforming to software-defined networking Read More

Service Mesh: what is it, where are we... and where are we going?

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Feb 2019

This is a contributed post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Ranga Rajagopalan is his capacity as CTO and co-founder of Avi Networks. Avi Networks is known for its Intelligent ... Read More

MWC 2019: Huawei claims massive lead on 5G readiness

By Alex Scroxton 20 Feb 2019

At a pre-Mobile World Congress event in London, Huawei’s Ryan Ding shared details of the firm’s rapidly expanding 5G mobile portfolio, and laid into his competitors Read More