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Compuware unifies an Agile ‘DevOps toolchain’ across the mainframe

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Jul 2018

Compuware has been busy. Along with its usual weekly basket of supermarket essentials, the firm has announced a product acquisition, unveiled enhancements to its automated unit testing tool Topaz ... Read More

What are the similarities and differences of TCP/IP vs. HTTP?

By Peter Loshin 22 Jul 2019

TCP/IP made the internet, and HTTP made the web. Understanding how protocols enable web browsing is key to understanding the differences and similarities of TCP/IP vs. HTTP. Read More

How to upgrade Windows Server 2008 before support ends

By Brian Kirsch 10 Apr 2019

With the end of Windows Server 2008 support drawing closer, administrators must navigate multiple obstacles, from locating old software to ensuring hardware compatibility. Read More

Interview: Data takes centre stage at Lloyd’s of London

By Angelica Mari 09 May 2019

The 330-year-old insurance market is evolving its data efforts as part of a far-reaching modernisation strategy, focusing on artificial intelligence and driving employee data literacy Read More

Top five VMware IT infrastructure skills administrators need

By Paul Korzeniowski 22 Oct 2018

IT administrators should expand their skills beyond basic virtualization management into software-defined and emerging technologies to remain competitive. Read More

AI benefits people, some more than others

By Mark Labbe 04 Mar 2019

The risks and benefits of AI are not always clear to the average consumer, who might experience the risks more than the benefits, as opposed to the tech giants that create AI. Read More

This history of GitHub and Java's role in it

By Cameron McKenzie 30 Oct 2018

Ruby played a big role in the history of GitHub, but Java now plays a bigger part. At Oracle Code One, GitHub engineering manager Rafer Hazen provided plenty of reasons why. Read More

Why threat models are crucial for secure software development

By Steve Lipner 09 Nov 2017

Threat modeling is an important component of the secure software development process. Steve Lipner of SafeCode explains how threat models benefit software security. Read More

2019's top 5 free enterprise network intrusion detection tools

By Peter Loshin 29 Apr 2019

Snort is one of the industry's top network intrusion detection tools, but plenty of other open source alternatives are available. Discover new and old favorites for packet sniffing and more. Read More

Compleat Software makes channel return

By Simon Quicke 29 May 2018

After a break the accountancy software player is back in the channel with a solution built from scratch with partners in mind Read More