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MEF's new SD-WAN standard too low-level, according to analysts

By Jennifer English 01 Nov 2018

MEF is making its SD-WAN standard available to members, with public availability expected in 2019. But analysts deem the specifications too low-level to effect change. Read More

Data catalog software takes on data lakes, privacy laws

By Jack Vaughan 11 Mar 2019

Data catalog systems form a hub for managing a company's data. New products are focusing on machine learning and AI add-ons that help automate some aspects of data governance. Read More

Securing IoT involves developers, manufacturers and end users alike

By Kevin McDonald 23 Aug 2019

Who's to blame for the IoT security problem: manufacturers creating devices, end user deploying them or governments not creating legislation enforcing security measures? Read More

Bobbie Stempfley: Cybersecurity AI has a long way to go

By Rob Wright 19 Mar 2019

Many cybersecurity vendors have embraced AI and machine learning, but CERT Division's Bobbie Stempfley says more work is needed around testing algorithms and validating results. Read More

Perfecto CTO: the changing role of the developer

By Adrian Bridgwater 28 Sep 2018

Uzi Eilon is chief technology officer at cloud-centric continuous testing company Perfecto. As CTO of a test automation specialist, Eilon says he has seen software application developers have to ... Read More

How do machine learning algorithms differ from traditional algorithms?

By Nicole Laskowski 24 Aug 2018

In this ask the expert, ParallelM CTO Nisha Talagala lays out the similarities and differences between traditional software engineering and machine learning. Read More

AI as a service democratizes benefits of new tech tools

By Maria Korolov 05 Mar 2019

The emergence of AI-as-a-service tools is helping more enterprises access the benefits of AI, not just the leading-edge tech companies that pioneered the technology. Read More

AI customer self-service platforms show analytical maturity

By George Lawton 18 Apr 2019

AI-enabled self-service platforms graduate from traditional customer support activities to more sophisticated methods of analyzing data on customer wants, needs and behavior. Read More

Parliamentary committee calls for halt to facial recognition trials

By Warwick Ashford 18 Jul 2019

Issues with biometrics and forensics pose a significant risk to effective functioning of the criminal justice system, according to a report by the Science and Technology Committee Read More

Multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud: What's the difference and why it matters

By Scott D. Lowe, Stacey Peterson 23 Aug 2019

Both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures provide businesses with flexibility. Find out what differentiates them and makes one better than the other for your business. Read More