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Andrew Ng's AI playbook for the enterprise: 6 must-dos

By George Lawton 20 May 2019

AI legend and online education pioneer Andrew Ng has developed an AI playbook for businesses. Here are six must-dos. Read More

Test your knowledge of serverless computing

By Josh Kolarac 22 Jun 2018

It's time to get familiar with the term serverless and everything it encompasses. Test your knowledge on serverless computing and how it will impact your software projects. Read More

How to become a good software architect in 13 steps

By Mark Spritzler 19 Sep 2018

It's not easy to find your role in an IT enterprise setting. But if you can follow these 13 steps on how to become a software architect, you'll be well on your way to success. Read More

To address microservices issues, turn to OOP principles

By Twain Taylor 13 Dec 2018

Developers may graduate to microservices from object-oriented programming, but the fundamental principles of OOP still apply, even if the techniques have changed. Read More

Marcus Ranum: Systems administration is in the 'crosshairs'

By Marcus J. Ranum 03 Dec 2018

After years of spirited debates and top-notch interviews, columnist Marcus Ranum is signing (sounding?) off with some final thoughts on the future of security. Read More

IoT adoption gets a C+ from Cisco expert -- how can CIOs improve?

By Mary K. Pratt 05 Oct 2018

Why is IoT adoption in trouble? Underestimating the disruption to the business is one reason, says Cisco's Jon Stanford, in this tip on the challenges and best practices for IoT adoption. Read More

Meaning of inversion of control in Spring and Java: IoC explained

By Cameron McKenzie 27 Jul 2018

What is inversion of control, and why has inversion of control in Spring and Java become such a core development concept? Read More

Docker backup: Deciding what to protect and how

21 Jun 2019

Docker is a simplified form of virtualisation whose popularity has rocketed. We look at the key decisions about what parts of Docker you need to backup and how to do it Read More

Data protection systems must address GDPR, ransomware concerns

By George Crump 11 Feb 2019

Backup products don't have a granular enough understanding of data to scan or analyze it effectively and fully meet today's privacy and security requirements. Read More

When and how to refactor code

By Stephen J. Bigelow 03 Dec 2018

Code refactoring seems like a surefire way to give software a fresh start. But app dev teams should only attempt it for select purposes, in certain contexts and in specific ways. Read More