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2019's top 5 free enterprise network intrusion detection tools

By Peter Loshin 29 Apr 2019

Snort is one of the industry's top network intrusion detection tools, but plenty of other open source alternatives are available. Discover new and old favorites for packet sniffing and more. Read More

Meet the opportunity and challenge of AI in medical imaging

By Yumeng Ren 28 Sep 2018

AI in radiology pushes the move to quantitative imaging, and brings new opportunities, as well as challenges to technology developers from different vendors. Read More

Run code complexity tools and Java coverage tests with Maven

By Cameron McKenzie 30 May 2018

No software should go into production without complete test coverage. Here, we look at how to install Maven and use it to run code complexity tools and ensure full Java code coverage. Read More

Cisco Live Europe: Intent-based networking meets the IoT head-on

By Alex Scroxton 31 Jan 2019

Networking and communications technology supplier Cisco plans to bring intent-based networking techniques to bear on the internet of things Read More

The direction of business intelligence is changing to forward

By Eric Avidon 08 Jul 2019

Predictive analytics will be one of the key trends shaping the next generation of business intelligence platforms, as will the ability to share data. Read More

Combat algorithm bias with these software test pointers

By Gerie Owen 12 Nov 2018

As AI penetrates all kinds of software, it's imperative that testers devise a plan to verify predictive results. Put QA professionals on task to root out AI bias. Read More

Uncertain future of open core software puts companies at risk

By Beth Pariseau 31 Jan 2019

Many enterprises rely on commercial vendors for open source software support, but the open core business model isn't always a solid bet for longevity. Read More

Huawei Connect 2018: China on the hunt for AI talent

By Alex Scroxton 09 Oct 2018

At Huawei Connect 2018 in Shanghai, Huawei shared insights into how the developing artificial intelligence industry is changing the face of IT talent development in Asia-Pacific Read More

Words to go: QA testing methodologies

By Ryan Black 21 Sep 2018

Do bottom-up and top-down testing throw you for a loop? In the dark about the difference between black box and functional testing? Print out this handy cheat sheet of testing terms. Read More

Swedish state and industry back autonomous vehicle testing facility

17 Jan 2019

AstaZero facility will “road-test” next-generation 5G and digital innovations to support the development of self-driving cars and other vehicles Read More