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Data protection systems must address GDPR, ransomware concerns

By George Crump 11 Feb 2019

Backup products don't have a granular enough understanding of data to scan or analyze it effectively and fully meet today's privacy and security requirements. Read More

When and how to refactor code

By Stephen J. Bigelow 03 Dec 2018

Code refactoring seems like a surefire way to give software a fresh start. But app dev teams should only attempt it for select purposes, in certain contexts and in specific ways. Read More

Master the fundamentals of cloud application security

31 Jul 2018

With so many cloud application security threats out there, it can start to feel like the odds stacked are against you. Find out how to level the playing field. Read More

What are the SD-WAN requirements for a multicloud environment?

By Christian Annesley 06 Feb 2019

SD-WAN is becoming an important option for businesses migrating branch and other edge communications to the cloud. But what makes a successful deployment? Read More

What is the difference between TCP/IP model vs. OSI model?

By John Burke 31 Jul 2019

Use this expert advice to learn the differences between the TCP/IP model vs. the OSI model, and explore how they relate to each other in network communications. Read More

Strategies for managing multi-hypervisor environments

By Brian Kirsch 26 Apr 2019

Efficient multi-hypervisor management often comes down to where you place your workloads in terms of compatibility and security and how accessible your management tools are. Read More

Growing pains for ‘large-scale’ Agile

By Adrian Bridgwater 17 Sep 2018

This is a guest post written for the Computer Weekly Developer Network blog by Johan Karlsson in his capacity as senior consultant at Perforce Software. Perforce is known for its version control ... Read More

SAP intelligent enterprise requires new skills from partners

By Jim O'Donnell 07 Dec 2018

SAP partners need to change their thinking if they're going to enable the 'intelligent enterprise.' That was the big message from the SAP Partner Business Forum this week. Read More

Neutralizing threats and creating a secure Java software stack

27 Dec 2017

This essential guide explores how developers can create a secure Java software stack, from the APIs used by the JDK to the methodologies used by Agile and DevOps teams. Read More

3 considerations that can spark modern networking innovations

By Michaela Goss 09 Apr 2019

In this roundup of networking blogs, experts explore the possibility of network transformations, including where the industry needs the most change and new ways of thinking. Read More