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Microsoft Azure storage team wants simpler flash devices

By Garry Kranz 10 Dec 2018

Microsoft's Project Denali proposes industry specifications to spur NVMe storage device innovation for Azure and other cloud providers. Will storage vendors cooperate? Read More

4 factors to consider in a Hadoop distributions comparison

By David Loshin 17 Apr 2019

Examine the key characteristics necessary to evaluate in a Hadoop distribution comparison, focusing on enterprise features, subscription options and deployment models. Read More

Quantum is revolutionary, but UK must fix funding

By Cliff Saran 17 Jul 2018

Quantum sensing could replace GPS navigation, and cut the cost of major building projects. But industry needs to work with academia to prototype quantum technologies Read More

How does the SynAck ransomware use Process Doppelgänging?

By Michael Cobb 14 Sep 2018

A technique called Process Doppelgänging was used by the SynAck ransomware to bypass security software. Expert Michael Cobb explains how this technique works and why it's unique. Read More

Software security training: Perspectives on best practices

By Steve Lipner 13 Mar 2018

Software development training with an emphasis on secure coding can improve enterprise security postures. Steve Lipner of SafeCode discusses different ways to get the job done. Read More

Can IoT and blockchain work together?

By Nacho De Marco 30 Jan 2019

The interaction between the all-encompassing IoT and blockchain has been the subject of much debate. BairesDev's Nacho De Marco takes a look at how the two interact. Read More

Eating too much IoT bandwidth? Deploy containers at the edge

By James Kirkland 28 Aug 2018

Containers make sense within development environments. Understanding why folks use containers at the edge of an IoT network requires a little more thought. Red Hat's James Kirkland discusses. Read More

XaaS models are reshaping the future of outsourcing

By Finbarr Toesland 08 May 2019

The outsourcing sector is suffering reputational damage after some high-profile failures, just as companies are turning to the "as-a-service" model instead. Can the two approaches co-exist? Read More

Egress Software rises on the back of demand for GDPR help

By Simon Quicke 15 Aug 2018

The data protection specialist has seen a strong first half of the year thanks to customers looking for answers to their GDPR problems Read More

Why DevOps development depends on continuous testing

By Lubos Parobek 15 Jun 2018

To gain efficiencies with sped up application development, rewrite the process with continuous testing. Read More