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PTC headquarters follows open-plan digital workplace strategy

By David Essex 21 May 2019

Moving from suburb to booming Boston Seaport District required a huge HR change management effort and interior design that ensures the right ratio of collaborative and private space. Read More

CIO interview: Alex von Schirmeister, CDTIO, RS Components

By Mark Samuels 03 Aug 2018

The electronics distributor’s chief digital, technology and innovation officer (CDTIO) on putting in place a new IT infrastructure, creating a digital business and accepting risk Read More

What skills do Agile testers need?

By Gerie Owen 17 Jan 2018

The Agile team collaborates closely and makes a lot of changes. What does the ideal Agile tester possess in technical and people skills? Read More

AHCI vs. RAID: What you need to know

By Scott D. Lowe 06 Jun 2018

Advanced Host Controller Interface and RAID are fundamental concepts you need to know to run an efficient data management and storage infrastructure. Learn the AHCI and RAID basics. Read More

Clear software development governance needed in this polyglot world

By Cameron McKenzie 21 Feb 2018

New architectures composed out of language agnostic software containers have made polyglot programming a new reality. But out of this newfound freedom chaos can ensue if clear software development ... Read More

6 emerging technologies that belong in an IT operations plan

By Clive Longbottom 12 Nov 2018

A penny saved is a penny earned. But when it comes to AI, specialized compute engines and these other key emerging IT operations areas, a penny saved today is a dollar wasted -- or worse -- in the future. Read More

Cloud ERP system selection: How to evaluate your company needs

By Adam Boyce 11 Dec 2018

This article can help you evaluate your business needs and make sure you're getting the right cloud ERP system for your organization. Read More

Currency of data separates leaders from laggards

By Cliff Saran 30 Apr 2018

With customer data growing in ever-evolving volumes, we look at how companies are using data analytics to stay in control Read More

Design data center redundancy based on cloud outage lessons

By Mark May 20 Nov 2018

Public cloud providers have had catastrophic outages, but IT administrators can learn from cloud redundancy failures and successes -- and apply them to on-premises infrastructures. Read More

Planned Australian law raises tech firms’ security concerns

By Warwick Ashford 20 Aug 2018

A digital industry group representing some of the world’s largest tech firms is opposed to proposed Australian laws aimed at compelling them to help security agencies and police Read More