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Agile practices endure and continue to adapt

By Isaac Sacolick 11 Nov 2019

As the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto approaches, Agile practices remain vital to software development and are being adapted to critical business functions outside of IT. Read More

Tomcat vs. Apache HTTP Server: What's the difference?

By Cameron McKenzie 24 Oct 2019

Don't get caught up in the improper phrasing of "What's the difference between Tomcat and Apache?" Let's straighten out the confusion and compare the two server offerings. Read More

10 skills of highly effective software testers

By Matt Heusser, Baiju M 23 Aug 2019

QA professionals with hands-on experience and a mix of technical and soft skills offer great value for software engineering teams. Testers with these 10 skills can boost their careers. Read More

What should we make of ESB architecture in a distributed world?

By Fred Churchville 05 Nov 2019

Did microservices really kill the ESB? Or could it be that the push to asynchronous communication only makes application architects need centralized management more than ever? Read More

Infrastructure-as-code testing strategies to validate a deployment

By Stephen J. Bigelow 15 Nov 2019

IaC, when implemented correctly, can benefit enterprises' CD pipelines. But, when IT teams fail to test the code before deployment, things can go awry. Learn several testing strategies here. Read More

NVMe-over-TCP brings super-fast flash over standard IP networks

By Eric Ebert 14 Nov 2019

TCP is the latest transport protocol that can be used to connect NVMe flash storage. We explain how NVMe-over-TCP works and the key advantages for datacentre customers Read More

Learn which edge data center types are best to virtualize

By Stephen J. Bigelow 28 Oct 2019

You can implement ESXi on ARM -- or other RISC processors -- in micro and nano data centers. A nano data center is more specialized but also more limited than a micro data center. Read More

Don't let edge computing security concerns derail your plans

By Albert McKeon 14 Nov 2019

Security concerns give many IT organizations pause when considering edge computing. But the potential problems can be overcome with proper planning and diligence. Read More

Software insecurity in IoT: A problem of our own design

By Parham Eftekhari 06 Sep 2019

The power to improve IoT security caused by negligent developing practices is in the users hands. Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology's Parham Eftekhari suggests ways that anyone can ... Read More

How do I foster reusable code across dev projects?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Aug 2019

Developers don't have a lot of free time. Code reuse helps dev teams focus on the most valuable aspects of a project. So ensure your team knows how to write, and test, reusable code. Read More