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Why Graph Needs an SQL

By Brian McKenna 15 Aug 2018

This is a guest blogpost by Neo4j co-founder and CEO Emil Eifrem, who explains why his sector needs its own ‘General Query Language’. In the same way that SQL helped facilitate the growth and ... Read More

Qlik Sense vs. QlikView: How the two Qlik tools compare

By Ed Burns 26 Feb 2018

The differences between the two main Qlik software offerings may be small, but there are still some key considerations for potential customers to weigh. Read More

Four questions to ask about your DevOps strategy

By Fred Churchville 18 Dec 2017

There's a lot of information about DevOps out there, making it hard to determine exactly what it means. However, there are still key principles you can stick to in order to achieve success through ... Read More

The fundamental differences between microservices and SOA

By Tom Nolle 30 Apr 2018

Microservices are all the rage, but those still used to SOA may feel a little left behind. Discover what SOA developers need to know about microservices and how to make the switch. Read More

SAP intelligent enterprise, C/4HANA are trends to watch in 2019

By Jim O'Donnell 10 Jan 2019

Industry experts sound off on what SAP trends customers should watch in 2019. They also don't mince words about where SAP should head in the New Year. Read More

Top DevOps vendors promise faster releases with fewer bugs

By Cameron McKenzie 19 Dec 2017

What's the hottest software development trend? If the number of top DevOps vendors taking up space on conference hall floors is an indication, it would have to be merging Dev and Ops. Read More

The future of data security threats and protection in the enterprise

By Mary K. Pratt 30 Nov 2018

The future of data security faces new threats at an ever-increasing rate. Read one expert's advice on having a data security strategy to assess and manage enterprise data security. Read More

The high-tech skills gap and education

By Josh Garrett 18 Oct 2017

Finding qualified candidates to fill high-tech jobs is a challenge in the U.S. and worldwide. MOBI's Josh Garrett explains how to fill the skills gap. Read More

Intuit's CDO talks complex AI project to improve finances

By Nicole Laskowski 29 Jun 2018

Intuit's latest AI project -- a digital financial assistant -- could help its customers save money, while breaking new technology ground. Read More

Are Meltdown and Spectre real vulnerabilities or mere flaws?

By Michael Cobb 17 May 2018

There's been some debate over whether Meltdown and Spectre are true vulnerabilities. Expert Michael Cobb discusses what qualifies as a vulnerability and if these two make the cut. Read More