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Safeguard AI from security vulnerabilities as IIoT big data grows

By Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang 12 Jun 2018

As AI comes into play to help organizations manage the IIoT data deluge, it is critical to secure AI against vulnerabilities. Insignary's TJ Kang discusses. Read More

Winning the voice wars: Making the human-machine interface work

By Antony Edwards 22 Feb 2018

The voice-driven world is coming. But to succeed, says TestPlant's Antony Edwards, the challenges facing the human-machine interface must be solved. Read More

Cisco strategy puts software in the lead

By John Moore 03 Nov 2017

Channel partners can expect to see Cisco software play a bigger role on projects as the vendor bundles hardware with subscriptions and organizes its offerings around suites. Read More

UK technology recruitment: Turn on the talent

By Jim Mortleman 03 May 2018

The hottest tech skills will always be in short supply and UK businesses increasingly struggle to find competent people to fill digital roles. But do companies’ approach to recruitment need to change? Read More

Silicon Valley startups pitch in to the remaking of corporate IT

By Brian McKenna 05 Apr 2018

Enterprise IT is being remade by DevOps, cloud, containerisation and the incursion of AI. We look at one group of Silicon Valley-based suppliers attacking different vectors of new model IT Read More

Nine strategies to increase employee engagement and retention

By George Lawton 02 Aug 2018

Keeping your workers happy enough that they don't look elsewhere is critical considering today's economy. Here are nine tips to help ensure your success. Read More

DevOps incident management turns sys admins into SREs

By Beth Pariseau 02 Mar 2018

DevOps practices begin with collaboration on application releases, but it's not until something goes wrong with those apps in production that true transformation takes place. Read More

Why security in microservices continues to fall short

By Fred Churchville 31 Oct 2017

Few would deny that adopting microservices provides benefits, but are we doing enough to secure microservices? We explore that concern in this Q&A with Peach Tech CEO Akshay Aggarwal. Read More

DevOps processes flounder if old business models don't change

By George Lawton 02 Jan 2018

Accenture's Mirco Hering explains how manufacturing models for business agility kill DevOps and how software developers can change their thinking to make DevOps processes work. Read More

AWS partners react to changes, delay in APN program

By Nicole Lewis 21 Feb 2019

AWS partners said they support the new requirements established for the AWS APN program, noting the higher bar helps them rise above rivals in a competitive market. Read More