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Huawei Connect 2018: China on the hunt for AI talent

By Alex Scroxton 09 Oct 2018

At Huawei Connect 2018 in Shanghai, Huawei shared insights into how the developing artificial intelligence industry is changing the face of IT talent development in Asia-Pacific Read More

What is the difference between TCP/IP model vs. OSI model?

By John Burke 31 Jul 2019

Use this expert advice to learn the differences between the TCP/IP model vs. the OSI model, and explore how they relate to each other in network communications. Read More

Zero-trust security model means more than freedom from doubt

By Johna Till Johnson 04 Jun 2019

A zero-trust security model has a catchy name, but the methodology means more than not trusting any person or device on the network. What you need to know. Read More

What is service chaining and where does VNF onboarding fit in?

By Tom Nolle 13 Mar 2019

Service chaining and VNF onboarding aren't easy. Companies interested in these processes need to understand the challenges involved, as well as various requirements for onboarding. Read More

Combat algorithm bias with these software test pointers

By Gerie Owen 12 Nov 2018

As AI penetrates all kinds of software, it's imperative that testers devise a plan to verify predictive results. Put QA professionals on task to root out AI bias. Read More

SRE model requires technical, organizational optimization skills

By Beth Pariseau 16 Oct 2018

Practitioners categorize SRE job descriptions two ways -- by distributed systems architecture design that evolves rapidly, and also by the ability to optimize human workflows. Read More

Real-Life MDA -- Chapter 1, Introduction

22 Mar 2007

Model-driven architecture (MDA), also known as model-driven development (MDD), is an efficient and adaptable software development methodology. This book excerpt explains the fundamentals of MDA and how this ... Read More

Hundreds of millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally

By Michael Heller 22 Mar 2019

Facebook learned three months ago that hundreds of millions of passwords were stored internally in plaintext, but it didn't disclose the issue or notify users until the news leaked. Read More

How does the SynAck ransomware use Process Doppelgänging?

By Michael Cobb 14 Sep 2018

A technique called Process Doppelgänging was used by the SynAck ransomware to bypass security software. Expert Michael Cobb explains how this technique works and why it's unique. Read More

Open source code recycling: Know your software supply chain

By Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang 10 Jan 2018

To ensure the security of open source code that has been recycled, customers must receive the most accurate software supply chain information. Read More