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Cloud on the rise as hybrid cloud storage shows real maturity

By Antony Adshead 05 Feb 2018

This year’s storage news so far has provided a firm impression of the increasing prominence of the cloud, and in particular of attempts to harness the public cloud and private datacentre in hybrid ... Read More

AWS APN program changes spark partner reaction

By Nicole Lewis 21 Feb 2019

AWS partners said they support the new requirements established for the AWS APN program, noting the higher bar helps them rise above rivals in a competitive market. Read More

Active-active data centers key to high-availability application resilience

By Terry Slattery 14 Aug 2018

Enterprises dependent upon a high-availability application should investigate active-active data center designs to ensure reliability and resiliency. Read More

From bitcoin to deprecated Java, a look at 2017's top opinions

By Cameron McKenzie 27 Dec 2017

What were the most contested technology topics of 2017? On TheServerSide, issues such as bitcoin blockchains and deprecated Java methods generated the most comments and page views. Read More

MSP cybersecurity concerns may require a business model retune

By Paul Korzeniowski 26 Nov 2018

Many managed service provider partners consider IT security an important revenue opportunity, but they may have to retool their offerings to address emerging threats. Read More

IoT inflection points you aren't thinking about and what they mean for developers

By Chetan Chaudhary 30 May 2018

As businesses move from IoT experimentation to real-world IoT applications, there are a number of inflection points emerging. Twilio's Chetan Chaudhary discusses what these mean for developers. Read More

Protect your serverless app with this mix of AWS tools

By Chris Moyer 04 Apr 2018

As they move to serverless platforms, such as Lambda, development and operations teams need to acquire a new mindset -- and set of tools -- to keep their workloads safe. Read More

Digital economy research projects to get funding

By Warwick Ashford 26 Apr 2018

Research projects aimed at building trust, privacy and security in the use of personal data and digital technologies are to receive funding Read More

Container security platforms diverge on DevSecOps approach

By Beth Pariseau 16 Nov 2017

Two container security platforms released in the last week tie in to enterprise DevOps pipelines, but take different views on developers' involvement in their implementation. Read More

Equifax breach report highlights multiple security failures

By Michael Heller 12 Dec 2018

An Equifax breach report, based on a government investigation, blamed the incident on multiple security failures and concluded the breach was preventable. Read More