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1000 stories on CWDN, a thank you

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Oct 2017

This is the 1000th post on the Computer Weekly Developer Network in its seven year of existence. It would have been inappropriate not to thank all the firms and their representative communications ... Read More

Microsoft takes over GitHub as it expands its open source plan

By Cliff Saran 04 Jun 2018

Microsoft is a major contributor to open source. It has now acquired the largest open source repository Read More

The secret to DevOps test automation? Pick your battles

By Valerie Silverthorne 29 May 2018

The pain of software test automation is real, particularly in a DevOps environment. But what if it was possible to approach it all differently? App maker Airtasker has a plan. Read More

IT pros weigh Git version control against the competition

By Meredith Courtemanche 08 Jun 2018

You won't get far today without version control to safely iterate on application code. But is Git -- or one of the many commercial products based on Git -- right for your team? Read More

Top continuous delivery benefits and how to get them

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 Aug 2018

Continuous delivery doesn't come without challenges -- like getting every disparate IT team on board -- but its list of perks makes the entire process worthwhile. Read More

Interview: Data takes centre stage at Lloyd’s of London

By Angelica Mari 09 May 2019

The 330-year-old insurance market is evolving its data efforts as part of a far-reaching modernisation strategy, focusing on artificial intelligence and driving employee data literacy Read More

2019's top 5 free enterprise network intrusion detection tools

By Peter Loshin 29 Apr 2019

Snort is one of the industry's top network intrusion detection tools, but plenty of other open source alternatives are available. Discover new and old favorites for packet sniffing and more. Read More

DevOps is wasted unless the business goes Agile too

By Bryan Betts 24 Aug 2018

When analysts and journalists write about Agile and DevOps, the focus is typically on the technology and infrastructure – what it means for software and systems development in an age when the ... Read More

The CIO role, from IT operator to business strategist

By Linda Tucci 07 Nov 2019

The CIO position has changed dramatically since its inception 40 years ago. This in-depth review traces the job's evolution and explains what is required of the CIO role today. Read More