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Intelligent automation and the WAN: Is SD-WAN moving mainstream?

By Christian Annesley 26 Sep 2018

Take-up of software-defined networking in corporates is slower than expected. Where have we reached on the journey to software-controlled networks – and SD-WAN in particular – becoming the norm? Read More

Atomist extends CI/CD to automate the entire DevOps toolchain

By Darryl K. Taft 15 Jan 2018

The Atomist DevOps automation platform extends beyond CI/CD to fully cover DevOps processes end to end, enabling developers to avoid mundane tasks and focus on productivity. Read More

Autonomous delivery robots ready to roll and deliver

By George Lawton 15 Oct 2018

Delivery bots can solve last-mile delivery challenges, but are they ready for prime time? If challenges are overcome, targeted applications may be where delivery bots prevail. Read More

Researchers accused of irresponsible disclosure of AMD chip flaws

By Warwick Ashford 14 Mar 2018

Israel-based researchers have been accused of irresponsible disclosure for going public with more than a dozen security flaws discovered in AMD processors Read More

Counting the costs of IaaS and SaaS

25 Feb 2019

Cost management is a priority for organisations seeking to use infrastructure and software as a service Read More

DevOps done right: How to break down the IT department silos without alienating developers

By Caroline Donnelly 18 Jun 2018

Enterprise DevOps adoption rests on securing buy-in at all levels of the company, but developer support is not a given, particularly when it means taking on responsibilities outside their traditional roles Read More

Cognitive tutor could teach employees new skills

By Nicole Laskowski 26 Oct 2018

AI research on how humans learn is making learning less mysterious –-- and could lead to cognitive tutors, whose job is to train employees. Read More

Infoblox's Cricket Liu explains DNS over HTTPS security issues

By Peter Loshin 25 Jan 2019

Cricket Liu, chief DNS architect at Infoblox, explains how DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS improve security, as well as challenges the new protocols may soon raise for enterprises. Read More

Evaluate private cloud service providers in the market

By Sander van Vugt 29 May 2018

Red Hat, Microsoft and VMware all provide private cloud environments that offer security and compliance, but it's important to consider other business needs, as well. Read More

Datos IO RecoverX backup gets table-specific

By Sonia Lelii 21 Nov 2017

Datos IO's RecoverX includes advanced database recovery functionality that restores specific tables, columns and rows. The software also now supports Kerberos authentication. Read More