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Can DevOps problems actually cause projects to fail?

By George Lawton 14 Nov 2017

DevOps isn't perfect. There are times when DevOps problems can overwhelm the potential benefits. So, why do some DevOps projects succeed while others fail? Read More

Checklist for mobile app testing: 12 gaps to look out for

By Matt Heusser 28 Jun 2018

Emulators and automation tools are useful, but don't rely on them solely. Use this checklist for mobile app testing to ensure that software has no critical flaws. Read More

Finnish government backs tech-city development in Oulu

13 Mar 2018

Finland's government wants the city of Oulu to become a world leading destination for IT startups Read More

Network specialist career development includes business knowledge

By Jean DerGurahian 01 Nov 2017

A network specialist needs to have knowledge of SD-WAN, Cisco's NX-OS and other technologies, but they also must study the business side of the job, one IT pro says. Read More

Industrial cyber security improving, but needs work

By Warwick Ashford 13 Feb 2018

Cyber attacks on industrial and critical infrastructure systems are increasing in number and sophistication, but more attention is being paid to security, says Honeywell at it opens new Dubai facility Read More

Gig for victory: Addressing the stigma of the gig economy

By Jim Mortleman 21 Sep 2018

As companies continue apace with digital transformation, the need for ad hoc tech workers is growing. But traditional contracting is giving way to the looser idea of ‘gigging’ – and not just for low-level roles Read More

Unpacking the event-driven microservices approach

By Tom Nolle 05 Jun 2018

Event-driven applications can be beneficially combined with microservices architectures, and finding the best method to merge them relies on analyzing orchestration options. Read More

How banks can make sense of digital disruption

By Aaron Tan 08 Mar 2018

Banks and financial institutions need to go back to basics, deconstruct their core banking processes and strive for zero defects in building applications, says the IT head honcho of Malaysia’s CIMB Bank Read More

From words to action: Implementing AI

By Mark Troester 12 Jul 2018

As AI goes from a "nice to have" to a "need to have," it's also evolving in terms of complexity. Implementing AI isn't one-size-fits-all, as Progress's Mark Troester explains. Read More

Recent trends in cloud computing fuel the need for DevOps methods

By Chris Moyer 21 Sep 2017

New offerings, such as serverless computing and function as a service, improve the cloud experience. But they also spell big changes for IT staff, including a push toward DevOps. Read More